Skander Khlif Captures the Beauty of Winter in Munich

All images by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The unique and moody imagery of winter will always be a source of inspiration, stories, and ideas for photographers. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; as long as winter comes to your city, you’re bound to find something worth capturing. There’s no doubt that Munich is beautiful, but street and documentary photographer Skander Khlif captures the charm it takes on when the snowy season takes over.

“Munich is a wonderful city especially in wintertime,” Skander simply says on his description for A Winter Sunday in Munich. In just a day of walking around, he was able to capture a myriad of scenes, the most eye-catching being people making their way around the city. Dressed in their winter best, whizzing past in bicycles and buses, riding the waves of The Eisbach (the world’s most famous river wave), and making footprints on snow-covered pavement.

Skander’s affinity for street photography and eye for candid stories are also evident in this set. In his bio, he mentions seeing the streets and public areas as a stage where everyone acts out their parts for the stories he’s meant to tell. As with his many street and documentary photography projects, A Winter Sunday in Munich is an exploration of the emotions brought about by places and the relationships between people and their environment.

Many of these photos show timeless scenes of wintertime, but a number of them also prove to be more emotional takes on street photography. I find his moody black and white captures of people against the snowfall to be fine examples.

If you liked A Winter Sunday in Munich, make sure to check out Skander Khlif’s Behance portfolio and website to see more of his outstanding street photography and documentary work.