This Mint Contax G2 Set is Poised to Burn a Hole Through Your Pocket

This beautiful 35mm rangefinder camera, which comes with three lenses and a flash, is going for a lot of cash. Want it? Ready your wallet!

Our latest ebay find is a beauty that’s difficult to ignore, if not for the possible hole it will burn through our pockets! But if you have some $5,500 to spare, this Contax G2 in sleek black, along with three lenses and a flash, would make an impressive addition to your analog arsenal — especially if 35mm rangefinder cameras with advanced features and functions are your thing!

The gorgeous Contax G2 in black, listed by robertscamera, is rated at mint condition — meaning 99% new. It’s been tested as fully operational, has very little wear, and shows no cosmetic blemishes. It comes with three Carl Zeiss lenses: a 28mm f2.8 Biogon, a 45mm f2 Planar, and a 90mm f2.8. Sonnar. Think you can do some flash photography with it? No sweat, there’s also a TLA 200 flash unit included. Everything fits in an equally gorgeous case, so you can lug it around in style.

Its smaller cousin, the compact point-and-shoot Contax T2, may be more popular, but the Contax G2 is an impressive and sought after camera in its own class. Considered by some as the world’s most advanced rangefinder camera, it went head to head with the Leica M7, Cosina Voigtländer Bessa-R, and Konica Hexar RF. Like its predecessor, the G1, the G2 sports a titanium body and uses the electronic autofocus Contax G-mount. Features include improved autofocus perfomance and higher top shutter speeds of 1/4000 (manual mode) to 1/6000 (aperture priority mode) compared to the G1.

The autofocus also comes in two modes: continuous, which adjusts focus as the camera moves; and single, which focuses when the focus button is pressed or the shutter button is half-pressed, and keeps this reading until the shutter is released.

Think you’re ready to burn some cash for this vintage beauty? Go ahead and check out the ebay listing to buy it now or make your offer.

All images from the ebay listing by robertscamera