Someone Needs to Make a Full Frame, Rangefinder Style Camera with Autofocus

There are too many SLR style full frame Mirrorless cameras out there and not enough rangefinder style.

My biggest hope for years now were that Sony would take the form factor of their a6xxx series cameras and make it full frame with a few extra upgrades; but we never got it. Then I was looking to both Canon and Nikon to do it. And they never did it. Surely I thought that Panasonic, with their history involving Leica, would be the ones. But alas, I was again disappointed. Like some of you, I fall into the camera of photographers who like the Olympus Pen F, the Fujifilm X Pro 2, and the Fujifilm GFX 50R more so than the SLR style camera bodies. To me, they’re more familiar. Perhaps like you, I was trained on Leicas. The feeling of a Hexar AF, a Contax G2, and a Mamiya 6 appealed to me more than some of the most prolific film cameras of all time.

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This Rare Unused Contax G2 Set Is Going for a Ton of Money

If the Contax G2 is still on your film camera wishlist, you’d have to prepare a ton of cash to get it at conditions as pristine as this package.

Ever since the Contax brand name made it into the hands of wealthy celebrities (and thereby became a newsmaker in its own right), many of us saw Contax camera prices skyrocket. The T2 and T3 became the first obvious targets. We hate to say we told you so, but it’s now spreading to other models like the Contax G2 rangefinder camera. Case in point is this unused set that is currently going for a crazy amount of cash.

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This Mint Contax G2 Set is Poised to Burn a Hole Through Your Pocket

This beautiful 35mm rangefinder camera, which comes with three lenses and a flash, is going for a lot of cash. Want it? Ready your wallet!

Our latest ebay find is a beauty that’s difficult to ignore, if not for the possible hole it will burn through our pockets! But if you have some $5,500 to spare, this Contax G2 in sleek black, along with three lenses and a flash, would make an impressive addition to your analog arsenal — especially if 35mm rangefinder cameras with advanced features and functions are your thing!

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Five Cameras That Were Legendary to Street Photographers

day 258: oh fu...

Photo by Julius Motal.

Most images in this story are by Japan Camera Hunter. Used with permission. 

Though street photographers love to talk about the cameras that they own, they also love geeking out even more about the older cameras that those before them used. While the best camera is the one that you have on you, certain snappers are the ones that discerning street photographers dream of. These cameras are also all film–and it only makes sense. For years, street photographers swore an allegiance to Kodak Tri-X, Ilford Delta 400, and many others that gave them the look that they knew and loved.

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