The Contax T2 Price Tag Is About to Skyrocket to Asgard

Film photographers, brace yourselves: the Contax T2 is going to get even more expensive as another famous celebrity picks one up.

If you’ve long been lusting after a Contax T2, you might have to think twice about getting it. Otherwise, grab it now before you need to shell out a lot more than you’re already set on spending. After Chris Hemsworth announced on Instagram that he’s gone “full hipster” and that he’ll shoot only with film from now on, the price tag of a T2 soaring to new heights isn’t a matter of if, but when.

Hemsworth’s announcement has been rocking the photography community, and as we can imagine, film photographers’ eyes widened upon seeing the #contaxt2. Oh no, time to do a price check, because that will most likely soar all the way to Asgard in no time.

Every Contax T2 owner (or aspriring owner) knows that the last time a celebrity (Kendall Jenner, if you’re just learning about it now) picked up the iconic compact camera and made it known, it catapulted the prices to insane amounts. Now, the cheapest you can get it on ebay is already at $700-ish, and just thinking about it skyrocketing above three zeros is already enough to make our wallets cry. Who would be willing to buy a compact film camera for that much money is another topic for discussion altogether.

To be fair to the Contax T2, it may now be wearing the crown for the world’s trendiest compact camera, but many photographers believe that it’s a camera worthy of its iconic status. It was already popular and marketed as a premium compact prior to celebrities toying around with it. Still, it may be best to just leave this camera to the deep pockets of people who can afford it and move on to other equally superb compact film cameras that don’t come with a hefty price tag. Spend all your monies on film instead, because that’s definitely what will keep film photography alive for all of us — celebrities or otherwise.

Contax T2 image by eBay