Canon EOS R3 Teases Remarkable AF. But What About the Sensor?

Canon is being a tease — the company just shared their second peek on what features the upcoming EOS R3 will offer.

The upcoming Canon EOS R3 will be able to focus in the moonlight, maybe even without a tripod. That’s what the latest specs on the still-under development camera seem to suggest. Canon teased a handful of new details on the upcoming Canon EOS R3. It’s a high-end mirrorless that mixes the R5 and 1D X Mark III DSLR features. The key details coming from today’s announcement shed light on the camera’s autofocus and image stabilization system, but raise questions about who exactly is making the camera’s sensor.

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Canon EOS R3: Horrible News if This Happens

This would be a huge risk for the Canon EOS R3.

Canon has long been one of the few camera brands that produce their own sensors. Their latest creations have really pushed them back to the front of the pack. The EOS R5 and EOS R6 have proven Canon still makes great sensors. Canon fans are excited at the announcement that the Canon EOS R3 is coming. It’s going to be a first of its kind if they beat Nikon’s Z9 to market. A Full-Frame Mirrorless flagship of sorts. It will feature an integrated grip and mind-blowing specs. However, there’s a potential problem being theorized about this camera. It may not feature a Canon-made sensor. Read on below for more.

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The Canon EOS R3 Will Work So Great with These Lenses

The Canon EOS R3 is now in development, and Canon has new lenses that will work just great with it!

Apparently, we’re going to need to wait even longer for the Canon EOS R1. However, today the company let the world know about the new Canon EOS R3. It’s currently in development, and more details will come soon. One of the biggest new features is a return and revamp of an old Canon favorite. Back in the film days, variants of the Canon Elan 7 has Eye autofocus. Basically, you’d look in the viewfinder, look at a focusing point, and the camera would pick the focusing spot. That’s coming back with a major overhaul in the Canon EOS R3. Additionally, some cool new lenses are coming!

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7 Photographers Maximizing the Strength of Their Canon Camera

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The Canon camera is a mainstay in the photo industry. Even after all these decades, new and experienced photographers swear by their Canon systems. It’s no surprise. After all, Canon does make quality cameras and lenses. But, of course, it’s no good having a quality camera if you don’t know how to use it. Thankfully, the photographers in this piece have made remarkable photographs and projects – their Canon cameras are just trusted extensions of their creative vision.

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The Canon RF 35mm F1.4 L Has to Address a Big Problem

Word on the street is that the Canon RF 35mm f1.4 L lens will be coming this year.

“That’s a camera I bring out when I need to work, not just for fun,” is what a buddy told me the other night at dinner. We were discussing camera systems. He owns the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM. It’s an excellent combo and probably one of the best on the market today. But like me, he complained about the weight and size. I think we can all agree that Canon is one of the most innovative lens manufacturers around. That’s not even a question. But there is a huge problem with just how big and heavy their lenses are. So if the Canon RF 35mm f1.4 L is coming this year as reported, Canon needs to fix this.

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Canon Is Set to Flesh Out Their RF Lenses with 4 New Primes

Canon RF Mount Lenses 35mm

Canon is looking to expand their number of more affordable RF Lenses pretty quickly.

It took a while for Canon to introduce many affordable RF lenses for the EOS R, EOS RP, EOS R5, and EOS R6. Now, though, things are starting to change. We have already seen solid options like the RF 35mm f1.8 Macro, the RF 50mm f1.8, and the RF 85mm f2. Then there are lenses like the RF 600mm and RF 800mm f11 primes, and the excellent RF 24-105mm f4-7.1, and RF 24-240mm f4-6.3. These lenses have made Canon’s Full Frame Mirrorless system much more palatable to more than just top-end pros. There’s still a long way to go, but Canon is apparently busy at work on four new primes that range from f1.4 to f1.8. We’re pretty excited, and you should be too. We’ve got all the deets after the break.

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Small, Sharp, and Affordable: Canon RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM Review

Kit lenses have a certain stigma attached to them, but the Canon RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 IS STM breaks the kit lens mold.

One of the biggest complaints we hear is that the cost of entry into Canon’s RF mount glass is too high. Canon has a plan to rectify this with more affordable RF lens options for those who don’t want to spring for premium L series glass. The Canon RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 IS STM was launched earlier this year, and it’s intended to be sold as part of Canon’s camera kit bundles. However, you can buy this lens separately from their camera bodies. At just $399, this versatile lens is a full $700 cheaper than the RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM, but is it worthy of your time? Find out in our full review.

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Canon’s New Workhorse Camera: The Canon EOS R6 Review

The Canon EOS R6 attempts to reclaim the workhorse camera throne from Sony, and it has more than a fighting chance of winning.

The Canon EOS R6 has been living in the shadow of its bigger brother, the EOS R5, ever since the two cameras were announced earlier this year. Aimed at working professionals, the Canon EOS R6 seems to be slightly underweight compared to its main rivals. Still, this camera, which is powered by the same 20.1MP sensor and DIGIC X processor found in the 1DX III, has a lot of fight in it. Does the EOS R6 have enough about it to make the Sony a7 III, the Nikon Z6, and the Panasonic S1 throw in the towel? Find out in our full review.

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The R6 Could Be a Sleeper Camera: Canon EOS R6 First Impressions

A quick look at the new Canon EOS R6, the company’s latest entry-level Full Frame Mirrorless camera

There has been a lot of hype around two new Canon cameras, and as expected, the EOS R5 has stolen the spotlight, but many want to know more about its baby brother, the Canon EOS R6. The Full Frame Canon EOS R6 with its 20.1MP sensor, new IBIS and autofocus systems, and 4K recording options is aiming to take on the Sony a7 III, the Nikon Z6, and the Panasonic S1. On paper, the Canon EOS R6 will give them all a run for their money. I recently received our review unit from Canon and have started testing the camera, but before we wrap up our full review, we wanted to share our first impressions. Grab a chair, your favorite beverage, get comfy, check out what we have to say and look at plenty of our first sample images after the break.

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7 Amazingly Affordable But Awesome Canon FD Lenses to Drool Over

If you still have a nice Canon FD mount camera lying around, we invite you to pair it with any — or all — of these awesome lenses. 

Not so long ago, we gave a rundown of Canon FD cameras for photographers thinking of going back to their film roots, and for first-time film photographers looking to purchase their first 35mm SLR camera. Now, it’s time to pair them with some of the best Canon FD mount lenses. If your FD mount camera is still missing a great lens, or you’ve been thinking of adding one (or two) to your arsenal, we suggest keeping an eye out for these lenses.

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Canon Can Still Screw up the Canon EOS R5, If It’s Real. Here’s How!

We’re hoping that’s not going to be the case because the Canon EOS R5 sounds amazing, but, this is Canon we’re talking about here.

Do you hear that? That loud noise is the racket being made around the web about the potential Canon EOS R5 (basically a Mirrorless 5D series camera), and while the specs that have been bandied about sound fantastic, let’s stay grounded and remember this is Canon we’re talking about. If the specs are accurate, hallelujah: it will be one phenomenal camera. But, as I have said before, Canon seems to go all in, but then they hold back by 1% and self-sabotage. Let’s talk about this and the potential Canon EOS R5 after the break.

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If a Canon RF 70-400mm Lens Is Real, Then We’re Excited!

The RF mount lens line up could be bolstered with a new RF 70-400mm f4.5-5.6L lens.

Canon has been doing some magical things in the world of lenses for a while. Their EF mount L series glass is still some of the best you can lay your hands on. Fortunately for photographers, they have been continuing their lens wizardry with their new RF mount lenses too, and we have already been blessed with some genuinely great Mirrorless lenses for the EOS R, RP, and Ra. Now, if recent reports are to be believed, we may be blessed with an RF 70-400mm lens later on this year. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Canon 5D4 $1,999, EOS R $1,499, Olympus Deals, and More

Time is running out to take advantage of these incredible Canon and Olympus camera deals and huge savings on Flashpoint/Godox lights.

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means time is running out fast to save bundles of cash on fantastic cameras and great lights. The Canon 5D IV (5D4) can be yours for just $1,999 (its lowest ever price), and the Canon EOS R is a steal at $1,499. Both come with a Flashpoint/Godox V1 for free!! Speaking of which, you can still pick up these awesome lights separately for just $159 (usually $259). The Flashpoint eVOLV 200/Godox AD200 is only $229. You can also save $400 on the Olympus OMD-EM1 II ($1,299), and you can snag the E-M10 II for only $349! See all of these great camera deals and more after the break.

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Get Black Friday Prices On Sony, Canon, Olympus, and Nikon Cameras

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

These camera deals serve up some of the best prices of the year, so take advantage of them while you can.

Black Friday pricing has hit early this year, so if you have been saving your pennies to get some good camera deals, now’s the time to buy. The Canon EOS RP is just $999, and the EOS R is down to $1,799. The Sony a6000 can be yours for $398 for the body and $598 with two lenses. The 42.2 megapixel Sony A7R II has crashed in price to just $1,398, and you can take $200 off the A7 III, which can be yours for $1,798. The Panasonic G9 is now only $997.99, the GH5 is now only $1,297.99, and the brand new Olympus E-M5 III with a lens already has a $300 discount, which brings it down to $1,499. There are a ton of camera deals after the break, so come and check them out.

Edit: There’s a pretty awesome 6D deal with a grip and all for $1,199, and a Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Watt second kit for only $499

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Cheap Photo: Save on Lenses from Sigma, Tamron, Pentax, and Canon

If you want to save a chunk of change and build up your lens collection, you need to check out the lens deals we’ve found.

There’s some terrific, end of summer and beginning of fall sales going on right now from the likes of Sigma, Tamron, Pentax, and Canon. If you’re looking for lens deals, you’re in the right place. You can pick up the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2 lens for just $1,199 on both Canon EF and Nikon F  platforms right now. You can also score the Sigma 35mm f1.4 for only $699 for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. If you’re a Pentax shooter you can get limited lenses on the cheap with the 77mm on sale at $696.95, the 31mm limited at just $896.95, and the 15mm Limited for only $446.95. There are great deals on Canon RF Mount lenses too. The RF 24-240mm with a huge accessory kit is only $989.98, the RF 24-105mm f4 is just $899, and the RF 35mm f1.8 with a free accessory kit is only $499. Come in and check out all the lens deals after the break. Continue reading…

Canon Outs New PowerShot G Models and RF 24-240mm Zoom Lens

Canon just dropped the latest members of its PowerShot G family, as well as a new RF zoom lens for the EOS R.

If you’ve been eyeing Canon’s PowerShot G series for your next premium compact camera purchase, you’ll be glad to know that the company just dropped two options for you: the G5 X Mark II and the G7 X Mark III. Likewise, those who have been looking for an extended reach for their Canon EOS R now have their answer in the new RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM lens. Both the PowerShot GX 5 Mark II and PowerShot G7 X Mark III sport a 20.1 Megapixel, 1.0-inch stacked CMOS sensor. The G7 X Mark III comes with a 5x Optical Zoom while to the G7 X Mark III has 4.2x, and both have 4x Digital Zoom and 17x Combined Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer. Both also have 3.0-inch tilting LCD screens for low and high angle shooting, with the G7 X Mark III’s having biaxial tilting.

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Cheap Photo: Canon M6 $699, Lens Deals + 15 Photoshop Actions FREE

These hot photography deals will warm you up this winter. 

Looking for some of the hottest photography deals around this week? Look no further. We have them right here for you. If you’re in the market for a new camera, you can save over $200 on the Canon M6 with lens bundle, and you can pick up the Full Frame Sony A7 II for just $998! A Full Frame camera for under a grand is an incredible deal! There are also photography deals on software and tutorials too. Not only do we have a freebie after the break for you, we have also found great deals like the Street Photographers Notebook for $39, and a buy one get two Lightroom presets bundle that comes with thousands of presets for just $39! Don’t miss out on the amazing Canon, Nikon, and Fujfilm lens deals either. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Panasonic G7 Kit $497.99; Canon EOS R $1,999; Fujifilm X-T20 Kit $799

We’ve found more photography deals than you can shake a stick at.

We’ve found some great photography deals for you in this edition of Cheao Photo. The Canon EOS R can be picked up for $1,999, and the Panasonic G7 which comes with a 14-42mm lens, and is capable of recording in 4k is a steal at just $497.99! That’s a discount of $302! The excellent Fujifilm X-T20 with XC 15-45m lens is also a bargain at just $799. There are also great deals on Photoshop overlays too. Add some sparkle to your winter photo shoots with a 2-For-1 Deal where you will get over 300 flare and bokeh overlays for just $19, and check out the Street Photography tutorial bundle that’s just $39! After the break see all of the photography deals we’ve found that also include storage, accessories and lenses too.

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Cheap Photo: $250 off EOS R! 5D Mk4 for $1,999.99! 6,000 PS Overlays for $39

If you’re not done with your holiday shopping you should check out these camera deals before it’s too late.

If you’re still hunting for great camera deals and savings on software, guides, and accessories, you’re going to want to check out this post. You can save $250 on the brand new Canon EOS R, pick up the Canon 5D Mk IV for under two grand, A Sony A7R II for $1,598, and the Sony A7R III for $2,549.99. Looking for pro grade Lightroom Presets and Photoshop overlays? The buy one get two free Lightroom bundle that has over 16,000 presets is just $39, and the buy one get two free Photoshop overlays bundle with over 6,000 overlays is also just $39. Save $80 on a Sypder5 Elite Screen Calibrator, and pick up a Samsung 128GB SD Card for $19.99. If you have been on the fence about these deals now’s the time to act. They’ll be gone quicker than the cookies you leave out for Santa. Check out all the deals after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Grab the Canon EOS M6 + Lens for Just $599 and Save Hundreds on Other Great Deals!

These camera deals, lens sales, and discounts on photography software are so good even Scrooge would be pulling his wallet out!

A Sony A6000 with two lenses for $648. The Canon M6 with a 15-45mm lens that has a discount of over $300! A Nikon D5600 with two lenses for $696.95! Wow. These are just a few of the amazing cameras deals we have found for you. With the holidays right around the corner, now’s the time to act if you want to pick up these and many other outstanding deals for yourself or the photographer in your life. There are also great sales on Fujifilm Instax cameras like the SQ10 that can be yours for $129 (a $149 discount), and great offers on Lightroom and Photoshop presets and overlays. You can snap up over 16,000 Lightroom presets for $39, and 6,000 Photoshop overlays for $39. These are incredible bargains that will certainly make your post processing game better. Check out all of the amazing deals after the jump.

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The Native’s Guide to Using the Canon EOS R in New York City


I’ve been using the Canon EOS R system for a number of months now here in NYC. For the photographer with lots of Canon glass or the photographer still trying to make the leap to mirrorless, the Canon EOS R system has proven to me that it is highly capable of meeting and exceeding the needs most travel photographers have. As a busy Editor in Chief, my job often takes me around the world, but I think any fellow native New Yorker can agree with me: you can always feel like a tourist in your own city. New York’s neighborhoods tend to go through changes about every six months in some way or another, and what better way to scrapbook your travels than with some of the best lenses available to a mirrorless camera system? The Canon EOS R system was designed first and foremost around the lenses (arguably the most important part of any camera system).

So if you plan on making it into our beautiful city during your travels, please do take this guide to heart and consider the words of a native who can say he’s explored every part of this city with the curiosity of a child.

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