Good News! Savings on Lensbaby Products With Our Exclusive Code!

It’s back! And we know you’re going to love it! We’re always saying that the photo world is very sterile when it comes to lenses and image quality. But lucky for you all, there’s hope! The folks at Lensbaby have savings on their lenses and accessories. The photo after this paragraph was shot with the Lensbaby OMNI system of prisms. They can do wonders for your camera and lenses. But then there are also great things like the Velvet lenses, and Edge optics, and so much more. In many ways, they’re some of the best lenses for creative photographers right now! Take a look after the jump!

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This piece is presented in partnership with LENSBABY. We’ve independently and ethically reviewed all the products in this round-up already without sponsorship. And we worked with them to recommend a few key gems to you.

The Phoblographer’s Cheap Photo roundups are designed to focus on giving you some of the best deals on photography gear we find. We spend a literal business day sometimes researching the most attractive camera deals, lens price drops, and all other sales we can find. Some of the gear is brand. But other times we’ll serve you used or refurbished products at good prices. Our Cheap Photo deals are different from the Phoblographer’s thoroughly researched Feature Roundups. If we’ve tested a unit, we may link to our reviews and coverage in our Cheap Photo roundups. With our feature roundups, we’re guaranteed to have used the product — often exhaustively. The site may receive affiliate commission payments if you make a purchase. These help us keep the staff fairly compensated, the server bill paid, and us continually delivering content.

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