7 Funny Photography Stories to Help You Feel Happy Today

Photography doesn’t always need to be meaningful and serious. Often, it can be light-hearted and fun. It can even make you laugh. We’ve shared many stories over the years that help people forget their struggles and focus on something uplifting. We had many giggles in our virtual office here at The Phoblographer. From funny photography memes to funny photography projects – we’ve seen it all. Below are some of the highlights. Enjoy.

Brooklyn Beckham Comes Under Fire

Brooklyn Beckham is an easy target for the photo community. He’s from a super-wealthy family, he’s handsome, and he also gets a leg up in his photography career just for being Brooklyn Beckham. He doesn’t have any funny photography projects, but the response to his work is hilarious. One Twitter user referred to an underexposed, out-of-focus picture of a dinner party as “f*cking brilliant.” After looking at Beckham’s book, a review on Amazon said, “I’d rather be blind.” There’s more too, and you can see them all here.

Jake Zaepfel’s Funny Photography Will Make You Laugh

Jake Zaepfel took a masculine man for his funny photography and put him in sexy, feminine poses. It was quite the juxtaposition and certainly made us make sure our eyes were working properly. It was a lighthearted take on portrait photography and something different. On the project and his subject, Zaepfel said, “They look like Sexy Kenny Powers.” There’s a sweet story behind this series too, so check it out here.

Christian Vieler’s Funny Photography Involves Dogs

The great thing about dogs is that they offer humor and cuteness. Who doesn’t want that? Christian Vieler highlighted how most dogs love tasty treats and caught them in a way that shows how excited they get when the opportunity to dine on goodies is available. His photos are fun to look at, and at the very least they’ll make you smile. Check them out here.

Funny Photography Memes

It’s the era of memes. And photography hasn’t been spared of society’s newfound way of generating laughter. We love it! Back in June 2020, in the deepest depths of the pandemic, we rounded up 16 funny photography memes that are sure to make you laugh. Above is an overview, but you’ll want to see them all! Considering how popular the post was, it did its job in making people feel good. See for yourself here.

A Funny Photography Skit

Photographers can often be guilty of taking themselves way too seriously. “We’re artists, yaaaa.” So when a skit pokes fun at the industry, it grabs our attention right away. This silly but funny skit by Boots and Gloves racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube. It’s a little hack, but the delivery is on point. Check it out here.

Things Photographers Have to Listen To

Let’s be honest; at times people who are not photographers can be ultra annoying. They say dumb stuff that completely undermines the skill that goes into being a good photographer. For the most part, we take it on the chin, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little poke at the ridiculous things they say. From “I put a filter on it,” to “anyone can be a street photographer,” there’s always something a person can say to rub us up the wrong way. You can laugh at them here.

We Turned Troll Comments Into NFTs

One of the biggest communities on the internet is the troll community. People post comments and say things they would never say in real life. We’ve had countless comments left on our articles, and many of them are hilarious (when you put aside the mean intention.) So what did we do with those funny photography troll comments? We turned them into NFTs, of course! You can read more about them here. If you’re a reader of the site, they’ll certainly be funny to you, so why not own one!?

Your Funny Photography

We want more laughter, please! So if you have some funny photography, send it in, and we may feature it. Use the form above to make contact. Thanks for reading.

Lead photo by Christian Vieler. All images used with permission.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host professional photographers within the industry.