16 Funny Photography Memes to Brighten up Your Day

As photographers, we’re often guilty of taking ourselves too seriously, let’s poke some fun at ourselves through these funny photography memes.

2020 is proving to be an intense and crucial year. But we all need to step away at times, put down our shield and take a moment to smile, and dare we say, laugh. To lighten the mood and bring some humor to your day, we’ve gone through a bunch of memes and found several that are sure to make your belly hurt from laughter!

True Love Photography

Aww! True lens.

Support Mediocre Photography

Wow, Bruh! Your photo of a tree is amazing!

Kit Lens With a Broken Heart

Everyone eventually dumps their first kit lens for something better!

Moon Photography

“Why does it never look the same??”

Project Photography

“I’ll finish, sorry, start, that project one day.”


“Deep man. So much meaning.”

Film Photographers

“Hey, I don’t know you, but I shoot film by the way.”

Photography Priorities

“It’s important to me god dam it”


“But better gear makes me a better photographer, right?”

Free Portraits

Everybody wants something for free.

Zoom Lens

“I’m getting close to the ground. It’s amazing. Oops, I’m dead.”

Everybody’s a Photographer

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Lol #dslr_memes

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“Yar, yar, I’m a photographer. Totally, yar.”

Auto Pro

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“What’s manual mode?”

Like OMG

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“I need photography to live now.”

Does Exposure Pay Bills?

“Hello, I would like pay my cell bill with exposure, please.”

Tough Street Photographer?

“I don’t worry about confrontation…. Help!!! They noticed me.”

We Hope You Had Fun

We hope you had fun looking at these just as much as we did. Let know in the comments below which were your favorites, and be sure to share this article with your friends!

Dan Ginn

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