7 Funny Photography Stories to Help You Feel Happy Today

Photography doesn’t always need to be meaningful and serious. Often, it can be light-hearted and fun. It can even make you laugh. We’ve shared many stories over the years that help people forget their struggles and focus on something uplifting. We had many giggles in our virtual office here at The Phoblographer. From funny photography memes to funny photography projects – we’ve seen it all. Below are some of the highlights. Enjoy.

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This Senior Portrait Shoot by Jake Zaepfel Will Make You Laugh

All images by Jake Zaepfel. Used with permission. See his work on Instagram, Facebook, and his Website.

“They look like Sexy Kenny Powers,” I said to photographer Jake Zaepfel in a Facebook conversation. He laughed. In fact, Jake credits the entire thing to his client, Dane. The amazing photos wouldn’t have been possible without Dane’s confidence and personality. It all happened after an offer Jake put out. Essentially, he let seniors have free photography sessions amid the Coronavirus pandemic. He then blew up on the local news, and in a few weeks he had 75 senior portrait sessions. And even after I sent Jake the interview questions, he was shooting and editing a wedding. Jake is an understandably busy guy with this much talent. But he walked us through this shoot and his creative vision.

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