7 Funny Photography Stories to Help You Feel Happy Today

Photography doesn’t always need to be meaningful and serious. Often, it can be light-hearted and fun. It can even make you laugh. We’ve shared many stories over the years that help people forget their struggles and focus on something uplifting. We had many giggles in our virtual office here at The Phoblographer. From funny photography memes to funny photography projects – we’ve seen it all. Below are some of the highlights. Enjoy.

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These Reactions to a Brooklyn Beckham Photobook Will Make You Laugh

A Twitter thread has resurfaced opinions about Brooklyn Beckham’s 2017 photobook.

Brooklyn Beckham was never going to be the most liked photographer in the industry. As the son of multi-millionaire superstars, he got one of the biggest leg-ups any photographer has received. As a teenager, his work wasn’t the worst we have seen, but it certainly didn’t warrant a photobook and a gig with Burberry! A few years have passed since he burst onto the scene, but even now, people enjoy giving the 21-year-old celebrity photographer jabs on social media.

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You’re Wrong: Good Photography Isn’t Subjective. Here’s Why

“Good photography is subjective.” It’s not, and we’re going to take a look at why.

People spend years perfecting their craft. They invest thousands of dollars in education and equipment, sacrifice social events and family time so they can focus on improving their skill set. They do all this because they hope that all the hard work will make them highly-skilled photographers one day. Only to be told that, once they enter the pool of creatives, good photography is subjective. Yeah, right.

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