The Largest Real-World Leica L Mount Lens Guide Is Right Here For You!

We just gave our Leica L-Mount lens guide a new coat of paint. And you can check it out right here! Lots of journalists contributed work to this guide over the years. As of today’s publishing, it contains 35 independently reviewed lenses for the Leica L-Mount. These lenses include options made officially by the three partners: Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma. You’ll find our table of contents, product images, snippets from our reviews, buy-links, and links to our full reviews to peruse. 

The big update to this guide has come with reviewing nearly every single L-Mount lens made by Leica. At the moment of writing, we’re missing only one. There’s also one or two more that we need to get from Sigma. And there’s only a single other lens from Panasonic that we need to review. But otherwise, we’ve gotten all of them done.

Photographers have trusted our reviews and our ethical roundups for years now. Because of this, Leica signed on to be a sponsor for the site this year. As such, we had to ensure that we’ve reviewed more of Leica’s products. Each review has been done honestly and while abiding by our ethics. In fact, I made sure that Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis and Reviews Writer Brittany Smith got as much exposure as possible. Believe it or not, Leica products ended up changing their minds about photography in general! Hillary comes from Digital Trends and Brittany came from SLRLounge. Neither publication paid much attention to Leica in regards to reviews. But they started to see that the photo world doesn’t need to be as sterile. This is one of the reasons why Hillary switched camera systems earlier this year.

Still, our reviews aren’t sponsored. As we’ve told several manufacturers this year, even if they sponsor us, they’re not allowed oversight into Editorial directives. If we’ve got a fact wrong, then we’ll fix it. But we’re rarely wrong. 

What’s more, I personally bought a Leica SL2-S. If you’ve paid attention to our reviews, you’ll know how much I care about build quality. So if a camera has an IP-rating attached to it, then I care about putting that out there. Overall, it’s been one of the most reliable cameras I’ve owned. It’s versatile, and I can’t deny the quality of Leica’s lenses. 

I’ve also bought a few Panasonic and Sigma lenses. This way, when a new body comes out, I can test a variety of lenses on the camera bodies. Sometimes there are slight differences with autofocus performance between one camera body and various lenses. Panasonic tells us it has to do with motors. Sigma, who cut off communications with us for speaking our minds transparently on their products, never commented on this. Leica says something similar to Panasonic. 

And then there are oddities — like the fact that the Leica L-mount has three different 24-70mm f2.8 lens offerings. Indeed, there are a lot of lenses. But the three manufacturers should work together in order to not pollute their own systems. It all starts by thinking a bit different. Unfortunately, that seems really difficult for a lot of camera brands in general. 

We invite you to dive into our Leica L-mount lens guide. We put a lot of work into it over the years. And there’s been a ton of effort put into all the reviews too. Enjoy!

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.