We Found Great Camera Deals from Almost Every Brand

These are the camera deals you care about.

Get excited! If you’re a Sony user, we found camera deals for you. There’s also great stuff from Nikon, Tamron, and a bunch of others. You could save $300 on the Panasonic S5, which we highly praise. Best of all, we’re plugging the camera manufacturers directly. That’s right, each of these companies has its own stores on Amazon. So when you make a purchase, they’re seeing the most money: it isn’t going to another company. So, if you really wanted to show your brand support, here’s how to do it.

These camera deals aren’t going to be around forever. Statistically speaking, the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day time period is when you’ll usually find the best deals and discounts. The only thing better is Black Friday and the holidays. You might as well grab something new before you start your summer. Even if you own a camera, there’s no reason to not grab a great new lens.

As you look through this short round up of links, you’ll find something from a brand that you really want. Tamron lenses have some of the best value on the market. In fact, it’s pretty possible to get everything you want in their package. Nikon has made some major autofocus improvements, and a new lens can take advantage of that. Sony is the tried and true for many photographers around the world. And of course, there’s all that renewed and refurbished gear. Much of it has been reconditioned to basically be brand new. If you aren’t sure about a purchase, try our search bar or our Reviews Index.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.