3 Photographers Who Create Beautiful Photos with the Fujifilm GFX Series

These are the folks who love what medium format can do for them.

Fujifilm celebrates a long history in the medium format world. Before the Fujifilm GFX system came around, they were in medium format film. Folks loved Velvia, Astia, Pro 400H, and much more. Those looks and a bunch of others have been brought to the digital photography world, and you can get them through film simulations. You don’t even need to do any major post-production. Just shoot in Classic Negative if you want that look! We talked to a bunch of photographers over the years. Here are some of our favorites using the Fujifilm GFX system.

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Katarina Premfors Shoots Documentary Photos in the Middle East

In our interview, she states:

“Since the pandemic, I have been working on a personal project: The Wall Between Us. This is the chronological story of the wall that divides our house from our neighbor’s. Walls are built to separate. They keep us safe from intrusion, protect our privacy from peering eyes, mark a clear line between what belongs and what does not. As the pandemic rapidly changed the world outside our wall, we could feel the aftershocks within. In February, schools shut their doors for an early spring break, not to open again for the rest of the academic year. New words were added to our vocabularies almost daily: “Non-Essential Worker,” “Social Distancing,” and finally, “Lockdown.” Unable to step outside our walls for anything other than essential, permitted purposes, I turned my eye to what was around us.”

Matt Stanman Feels Calm but Invigorated by Landscape Photography

In our interview, he said:

“I got into landscapes because I really love nature and wanted to try to capture the experience of being in a specific environment. I feel so calm and yet invigorated when I see a great landscape image. So it’s really the genre that speaks to me. I think that it is one of the most challenging types of photography to do well; a lot of things have to go right in order to make an incredible landscape image. When I first got into landscapes I thought it might be easy, just show up in a beautiful location and get the photo.”

Dewey Keithly Did the Coolest Thing with a Fujifilm GFX 100

In our interview, he said:

“The main reasons were because of the large sensor and the IBIS.  While shooting cars it’s good to have a larger sensor because of what the images could be used for.  I can crop in depending on what the creative director is seeing too.  We really wanted to test the IBIS while mounted to the car.  I’ve shot moving objects with this camera before and it went well.  It was really important to make sure it could withstand the speed of the camera car.  It worked very well.  Also, shooting digital medium format with a body that isn’t 20lbs is pretty cool.”

Chris Gampat

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