The Best Fujifilm Cameras and Lenses of the Past Decade

We’re rounding up the Fujifilm products we think are the best of the past decade.

Fujifilm has been a major digital camera player for almost a decade now. When the X100 first was announced, it turned so many heads. Its good looks and features were a slap in the face of the boring camera market. And we’ve got them to thank for the whole ergonomics revolution. Indeed, they’ve been an incredibly important company this past decade. So we’re rounding up some of the best cameras they’ve made.

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Fujifilm GFX 50R: The First Useable Medium Format Digital Rangefinder Style Camera

What Made it Special: The Fujifilm GFX 50R is what so many photographers wanted from Fujifilm in the first place. It’s a rangefinder style camera body. But in addition to that, it’s pretty small. Paired with some of their primes, it’s a fantastic camera body. And, of course, who can forget that it’s got a medium format sensor at the heart.

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Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 R: The Smallest Autofocus f1.2 Lens Made

What Made it Special: This lens made lots of photographers go absolutely crazy when it launched. There’s the f1.2 aperture to start. But then there’s just how beautiful the image quality is too. And of course, getting this aperture in such a small body is very rare.

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Fujifilm XH1: For the Shaky Hands

What Made it Special: The Fujifilm XH1 is great for those who can’t handhold a camera and prevent blur. It was the first to do so with Fujifilm’s signature film simulations.

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Fujifilm 23mm f2 R WR: A Small, Rugged 35mm

What Made it Special: The 23mm f2 is a 35mm lens equivalent. But it’s incredibly small, weather-sealed, and has great image quality. For many Fujifilm shooters, this has become their standard lens.

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Fujifilm 16-80mm f4 R WR: The Only Zoom You Need

What Made it Special: The thing that Fuji was missing for a long time was a useable f4 zoom lens. But this lens does just that. You can use it to document an event with ease. It’s small, fast, lightweight, and weather sealed. Combine it with the Acros mode!

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Fujifilm GFX100: Medium Format Stabilized

What Made it Special: The first image stabilized medium format camera on the market. What’s there to not like? There’s lots of grip space, tons of battery, loads of image quality, and a decent lens selection. Plus, it’s weather resistant.

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Fujifilm X Pro 3: The Photographer’s Camera

What Made it Special: The X Pro 3 is a personal favorite. And it’s also perhaps the most polarizing camera on this list. Some folks think it’s useless. Some of us positively adore its limitations. This camera was designed for photographers first and foremost. And it can create positively beautiful images. Its hidden LCD panel helps keep you focused on actually shooting.

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