A Massive 42 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera For Under $1,600! Sign Us Up!

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Now’s the time to snap up a new Mirrorless camera from Sony.

There are some incredible deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras. Can you believe that the 42 Megapixel Sony a7r II is just $1,598! That’s a massive bargain! The slightly newer 42 Megapixel a7r III is only $2,298! Them, there’s the Full Frame resolution king, the a7r IV. It’s just $2,998! If you’ve been eyeing the Sony a7 III, now you can get one for $1,698!  You can save $1,000 on the Sony a9 as well! These sales on Sony Mirrorless cameras will end soon. So, if you want to save a bundle and pick up a new Mirrorless camera from Sony, now is the time to do it! See all the deals on Sony Mirrorless cameras after the break.

It’s really quite insane when you think about the Mirrorless cameras on the market today. Who would have thought that you’d be able to buy a top-rated, feature-packed 42 Megapixel monster for $1,598? That’s outstanding value for money. We are, of course, talking about the Sony a7r II. It’s even better when you then factor in 5-axis IBIS, 4K video, 399 phase-detect autofocus points, weather sealing, and more. $1,598!! This is a bargain for a high-resolution Mirrorless camera.

Mirrorless camera

If you want a Mirrorless camera that’s a little bit newer, you can grab another high-resolution beast in the Sony a7r III. This bad boy of a camera also boasts a 42 Megapixel Sensor and 10 frames per second shooting. You’ll also get faster image processing, USB 3.1, and much more for just $2,298. Need something that’s a little less SD card hungry? The workhorse Sony a7 III is an absolute bargain at $1,698. See all of the other deals on Sony cameras below.

Sony Mirrorless Camera Deals

Mirrorless camera

Sony a7R II, Body Only $1,598 (Save $200)

Sony a7 III $1,698 (Save $300)

Sony a7 III with 28-70mm Lens $1,898 (Save $300)

Sony a7R III $2,298 (Save $501.99)

Sony α7R IV $2,998 (Save $501.99)

Sony a9 $2,998 (Save $1,001.99)

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