We’ve Updated the Most Comprehensive Sony Lens Guide You’ll Find

Our Full-Frame Sony lens guide is one of the most comprehensive guides you’ll find online.

Sony users know how blessed they are when it comes to the number of lens choices they have. Sony has worked hard to build up it’s E Mount platform over the last few years. They have also worked diligently with third-party manufacturers like Zeiss, Rokinon, Tokina, Samyang, and Tamron. Sony has made it so that that their users have the most extensive selection of lenses available. Over the years, we too have worked hard on providing real-world reviews on these lenses. We have been helping you make better purchasing decisions, and we aim to continue doing that. We’re happy to say that we’ve just completed a massive update to our Full Frame Sony lens guide. Head past the break for more details.

We’ve made considerable changes to our Full Frame Sony lens guide. Fifteen new reviews have been added to our guide. You’ll find all of the new Tamron primes and zooms, lenses from Samyang, and more. You’ll also notice that the entire design has been changed to better reflect our current appearance. Our Sony lens guide is now easier than ever to read. A new table of contents will make it faster for you to zoom to the lens you are most interested in.

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Sony lens guide

In all, there are now 57 lenses (up from 42) listed in one of the most comprehensive guides you’ll find. If you’re looking for primes, zooms, or superzooms, you’ll find all our easy to read, real-world reviews in one location. We pride ourselves on providing completely original, totally unbiased reviews. We’ve been doing this for 11 years now, and our ethics and beliefs will never change.

For easy access to all our reviews, bookmark this guide. This way, you’ll be to quickly access it at a later date. We will continue to update the guide as we complete new reviews. If you’re an owner of a Sony Mirrorless camera and want all the reviews for the latest and greatest Full Frame, Sony E Mount lenses at your fingertips, go and check it out.

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