Deal Alert: These Sky Overlays Will Transform Your Images for Just $29

sky overlays

You’ll get over 1,000 sky overlays for just $29 to make your images really stand out from the crowd.

We’ve all been there; do you expose for the sky and underexpose your subject, or expose for your subject and blow out the sky? As great as modern cameras are, it can still be tricky to get the perfect exposure in-camera, but thanks to overlays, you won’t have to worry about this ever again. For a limited time, you can grab over 1,000 sky overlays that will take your images from meh to amazing, and the best part is that this incredible bundle is just $29! Check out some incredible image samples after the break and find out more information about this great bundle!

This bundle of sky overlays will help you transform your images into stunning works of art in no time at all. Sometimes, Mother Nature simply will not cooperate with us, no matter how hard we try. But thanks to these sky overlays that are just $29, you can create any mood you like.

This bundle contains sky overlays that can add the Milky Way, stormy skies, pastel skies, long exposure skies, HDR skies, sunset skies, rainbow skies, rainy skies, and dozens more. In all, you’re going to get over 1,000 skies that you will be able to easily insert into your images.

This $29 bundle with over 1,000 sky overlays is compatible with any software that works with layers, including:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel PaintShopPro
  • Free programs such as Gimp, Pixlr,, Seashore, SumoPaint, Krita, CinePaint, Serif PhotoPlus, PaintShop Pro, & Pixelmator

You can use the overlays with any images saved as JPG, PNG, and even PDF files. It needs to be noted that these sky overlays will not work with Adobe Lightroom.

sky overlays

We can’t think of many better things you can buy for only $19. You’ll be able to use these 1,000+ sky overlays on your new images, and you can re-imagine all of your old pictures and give them new life too. Give yourself an edge over other photographers by picking up this bundle and adding it to your creative workflow. You won’t be sorry.

Buy now: $29

Brett Day

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