Video: What We Want in the Sony a5 (If It’s Real and Not Fake)

On a recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews, the Reviews Team at the Phoblographer discussed the possible Sony a5.

Is it real? We honestly don’t know. But if the Sony a5 is real, then we’ve got a ton of questions. Like, what’s the pricing going to be? Will it still really be over $1,000? What sensor will be inside? Will Sony remove a whole lot of their more innovative features? And if Sony does that, then why would someone buy the camera? Will it still have a DSLR style camera body? If Sony were to make one of these come out, then it would probably be very soon. A Sony a5 camera would be a very entry-level option for the market. It would most likely be targeted at the hobbyist. Heck, they may even take away a control dial and make it more like the Sony a6000 series of cameras.

“Don’t hold your breath when it comes to the EVF and LCD. The EVF will likely be a low-quality affair. Given that the EVF in the A7 III is only 2.36 million dots, don’t be surprised if Sony springs for the same lower resolution (1.44 million dots) EVF found in the a6100.”

If Real, a Sub $1,000 Full Frame Sony A5 Would Kill The Canon EOS RP

Last weekend, Gear Editor Brett Day, Reviews Editor Paul Ip, and I sat down to discuss the Sony a5. The truth is that we don’t know what it’s going to be like either. And we’re just as curious. The reports have stated that this camera is going to be a very low priced full frame camera. After all, everyone wants full frame, right? Considering that Sony makes all the sensors for mostly every manufacturer, it’s a great way to offload some extra product and make some extra money. Plus, cameras are pretty expensive. We can easily consider them a mid-tier luxury. Lots of folks don’t want to pay four figures for a camera, but they want higher-end quality. Look on the used market, and you’ll see lots of cameras being traded and sold there. Maybe the Sony a5 will be cheap enough to make someone not want to buy a used camera? We’re honestly not sure. But we’d love to hear from you.

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