Are the TIPA World Awards 2020 Camera Winners as Good as They Say?

There are some surprising inclusions in the list of best cameras from the TIPA World Awards 2020.

TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association has just announced the winners of their annual awards. To come up with the winners from various categories such as cameras, lenses, photo editing software, and accessories, TIPA partners with publications affiliated with them, and then editors and reviewers cast their votes. In this roundup, we will take a look at the cameras TIPA has awarded their gold star to, and share our thoughts on whether we agree with their decisions. Join us after the break to see the TIPA World Awards 2020 winners in the best cameras category.

As you scroll through the list below, you’ll see that the TIPA World Awards 2020 has been broken up into various categories, such as best expert DSLR and best Full Frame camera for professionals. There are a few surprising inclusions in this list that left us scratching our heads just a bit, but overall the choices made by their panel of experts are pretty good. Grab a chair and take a look at the award winners in the category of best cameras.

Best Advanced DSLR Camera – The Canon EOS 90D

Canon’s hybrid DSLR, the EOS 90D, took the award for the most advanced DSLR. The 90D features a 32.5 Megapixel APS-C sensor, and when used in live view mode, it acts as a capable Mirrorless camera. We had a chance to play with the camera and thought it felt responsive. The autofocus was reasonably accurate, especially considering how the camera sports a higher resolution sensor than its predecessor, and that it felt great in hand. You can check out first impressions here, but as far as APS-C DSLR cameras go, the 90D is a solid pick.

Buy now: $1,199

Best Expert DSLR Camera – The Nikon D780

TIPA World Awards 2020

Nikon’s follow up to the legendary Nikon D750, the D780 has made a splash since being launched. Another Hybrid DSLR, the D780 packs a Full-Frame 24.5 Megapixel sensor paired with the EXPEED 6 image processor. In live view mode, you can have a Mirrorless-like experience with 273 AF points, eye detect AF, and it can shoot seven frames per second.

We’re sure Nikon is hoping this DSLR will be as popular as the D750. As far as new DSLR bodies go (there aren’t many these days), this is a good choice for the award. If you’re a fan of Nikon DSLR cameras, you might want to pick this one up; the D780 will likely be their last DSLR.

Buy now: $2,296.95

Best Professional DSLR Camera – The Canon 1DX III

The 1DX III from Canon represents the very best DSLR Canon has released in its history. This hybrid DSLR can again give users both a DSLR and a Mirrorless-like experience. This camera is tough as nails and is aimed at professional sports and wildlife photographers. With its ability to rattle off 20 frames per second and shoot natively up to ISO 102,400, you can understand why photographers in those fields are swooning over this behemoth.

The Canon 1DX III is head and shoulders above the Nikon D6 in specs and rightly deserves the praise from the TIPA World Awards 2020. If you’re a professional sports photographer with deep pockets who owns a ton of EF mount glass, this is the camera for you.

Buy now: $6,499

Best Advanced APS-C Mirrorless Camera – The Nikon Z50

TIPA World Awards 2020

The Nikon Z50: now, this one is an oddity. Nikon’s first APS-C camera to feature the Z mount, the z50 sports a 20.9 Megapixel sensor similar to the one found in the 5-year-old D500, the main difference being that one is BSI. The z50 can shoot 4K video, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and it has a flip-down screen for selfies, but this is otherwise a pretty basic (not advanced) camera. 

The Nikon z50 isn’t a bad camera at all, but I’m surprised the much more powerful Canon M6 II didn’t snag this award. The M6 II has a 32.5 Megapixel sensor and much more advanced AF system. This choice misses the mark for me.

Buy now: $856.95

Best Expert APS-C Mirrorless Camera – The Sony a6600

Looking back at the cameras in this category that were launched last year, I have to say that the Sony a6600 is probably the best choice for this award, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its issues. The Sony a6XXX line is getting really long in the tooth now: little has changed since the launch of the a6500 in 2016.

The a6XXX series cameras still look the same, and though the ergonomics have improved a little, they still leave a lot to be desired. The a6600 still uses the same old 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor as well. Sony has also refused to fix issues like only having one SD card slot, a lack of a joystick, the low resolutions of the EVF and LCD, and the poor menu layout. The a6600 does tout some weather sealing and in-body image stabilization, and the biggest win is the autofocus system. Is it worth the $1,398 price tag? That’s for you to decide. Personally, I would spring for the Fujifilm X-T30 or the X-T3. While they do not have IBIS, the sensor is delightful, and Fujifilm continues to innovate in ways that push them ahead of the APS-C pack.

Buy now: $1,398

Best Professional APS-C Camera – The Fujifilm X-Pro 3

TIPA World Awards 2020

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Now, this is a nomination we can really get behind. The X-Pro 3 is a fantastic piece of kit that professionals will absolutely adore. In our review, we called the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 the GOAT of Fujifilm cameras, and that still rings true. 

We gushed over the timeless design, the great film simulations, the versatile raw files, the improved AF performance, and the hidden LCD screen, which forces you to focus on being in the moment. This is about as pure a photography experience as you’ll get outside of the much more expensive Leica M10d. This camera is worthy of its TIPA World Awards 2020 praise.

Buy now: $1,729

Best Expert Level Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera – The Sigma FP

TIPA World Awards 2020

*Crickets chirping* Yeah, we’re not sure either. Sigma made this camera as their entry into cameras with the L mount, and while it has its place, to call it the best Full Frame camera for experts (prosumers) is a stretch. The Fp features a 24 Megapixel sensor that has been crammed into the world’s smallest Full Frame body, so points go to Sigma for that feat. 

While the camera can be used for photography, the FP has been designed for cinematographers who will stick this in a cage that can also help support huge L mount lenses it has been designed to use. When we got our hands on one, we liked the images it produced and were pleasantly surprised by the autofocus system, but this is not a camera that the masses will buy. Good camera? Sure. Better than the Panasonic S1? Not by a long shot. The full-featured IBIS packing Panasonic S1 is the L mount Alliance camera that should have scooped up this award.

Buy now: $1,899

Best Medium Format Camera – The Fujifilm GFX 100

TIPA World Awards 2020

This one is a no brainer. The GFX 100 is a monster of a Medium Format camera that redefined what this platform is all about. Medium Format cameras used to be dinosaurs when it came to autofocusing, and their price points put them out of reach of just about everyone except for the biggest hitters.

The GFX 100 has changed that with a whopping 102 Megapixel sensor that is supported by IBIS. The autofocus system is as fast as most Full Frame cameras on the market, and the GFX 100 is easy to use. The image quality is stunning, and while it might cost $9,999, its still about $20,000 cheaper than the next closest 100 Megapixel Medium Format camera. We loved the GFX 100 when we reviewed it, so it came as no surprise to us that the camera won the award for the best Medium Format camera.

Buy Now: $9,999

Best Full-Frame Photo/Video Camera – The Panasonic S1H

TIPA World Awards 2020

At nearly $4,000, you’d hope that the Panasonic S1H is the best photo and video camera on the market, and for the most part, it is. This huge camera features a built-in fan to keep it cool and can record video in 6K. It looks similar to the photo-centric Panasonic S1 and S1R cameras, and it is just as tough too.

Panasonic recently stated that this is the best selling Lumix S series camera in their lineup thanks to the fascination the film industry has with it. If you want a video forward camera that can take great pics too, thanks to its 24.2 Megapixel sensor, you might want to take a look at the S1H

Buy now: $3,997.99

Best Full-Frame Professional Camera – The Sony a7r IV

TIPA World Awards 2020

Sony reached new heights when they introduced the Sony a7r IV. The a7r IV features a huge 61 Megapixel sensor and was designed to show that Full-Frame cameras can compete with Medium Format cameras like the Fujifilm GFX 50R

The body of the a7r IV has seen some nice changes, like a deeper grip, which makes the camera much nicer to hold and use, and the images are packed full of detail. Then you have the industry-leading autofocus system and can see why Sony’s a7r IV won the award for the best Full-Frame Mirrorless camera for professionals. If you crave megapixels and you like the E mount platform, this is the camera for you.

Buy now: $3,498

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