Learn How to Fully Weather Seal Your Fujifilm X100V with This Quick Vid

For whatever reason, *cough*profits*cough* Fujifilm left it up to the end-user to fully weather seal their Fujifilm X100V.

The X100V is a camera many have been waiting for and one of the most exciting cameras of 2020. The Fujifilm X100V boasts a new (to this line) sensor, an updated lens, and it is 98% percent weather-sealed (which is better than the zero weather sealing the X100F had). Still, it boggles the mind why Fujifilm couldn’t finish the weather sealing job. Fortunately, the Fuji Guys have put together a very short video that shows you how you can fully weather seal your Fujifilm X100V. We have it for you after the break.

The Fujifilm X100V, which starts shipping on February 27th (place your pre-order if you want one on launch day) is a gorgeous looking, retro-inspired Rangefinder camera. The X100 series has been loved by many and has found itself near to the hearts of many street photographers. Perhaps the oddest part of this camera (until the X100V) is that all previous X100 cameras didn’t feature any weather sealing, which is weird seeing that it was targeted at those who will often find themselves pounding the streets in all sorts of weather.

Fujifilm X100V

When the Fujifilm X100V was announced (check out our first impressions), and the spec sheet was handed out, we were tickled pink to see there was at last weather sealing, but the all telling asterisk next to that statement said something wasn’t quite right. Indeed, it wasn’t. The X100V is weather-sealed for the most part, but to make it completely Mother Nature friendly you’re going to have to put an adapter and a filter on the front of that shiny new lens. Sigh.

Fortunately for those who aren’t sure what’s needed to protect this new street beast, the Fuji Guys have put together a very short (no, really, it’s one minute long) video that shows what you need to fully seal the X100V. It’s no surprise that Fujifilm just happens to have those parts for you to purchase. You’re going to need the Fujifilm AR-X100 adapter ring ($39.99), and a 49mm UV filter of your liking. Fujifilm happens to sell one of those too, the PRF-49 ($71.19). Check out the video above to see how all of these new parts fit together. Are you picking up the new Fujifilm X100V? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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