Fujifilm’s X-T4 Could Launch This March – Here’s What We Want to See

Fujifilm hit a home run with the X-T3, so its replacement will have some big shoes to fill.

Fujifilm has been killing it over and over again with their cameras during the past few years. The success of the X-Pro series, the X-TXX series, and the X-H1 propelled Fujifilm into the spotlight. The star of the show has been the X-T3. This APS-C camera captured the hearts of many thanks to its gorgeous design and fantastic image output. The camera is still young, but it seems that Fujifilm may be ready to replace the X-T3 already with the X-T4, and it could happen as early as March. We love the Fujifilm X-T3, but there are some improvements we would like to see implemented in the X-T4. Join us after the break for all the details and to find out what we would like in the X-T4.

According to a recent report on Fuji Rumors, one of their trusted sources has told them that the X-T4 (or whatever the X-T3 replacement will be named) could start shipping early in 2020, with March and early spring being touted as possible release times. This release would break the norm with Fujifilm: they usually release on two-year cycles at a minimum.

The X-T3 is a seriously capable camera, and it is was the first APS-C camera to bridge the gap in regards to image quality between APS-C and Full Frame cameras. While it’s image output is fantastic, there are a few things that can and should be improved upon with the X-T4. Whether the story about the early release is true or not is up for you to decide, what we do know is that whenever the X-T4 is released, these are the changes we would like to see.

The X-T4 Needs Better Battery Life

Battery life is one thing that Fujifilm really needs to figure out. The X-T3 was feature-packed, and those features loved to drink the juice from the batteries quickly. You could squeeze 350 shots out of a single battery on a charge, which doesn’t sound too bad, but in practice, it just doesn’t cut it. I previously used the X-T3 to shoot events and had to carry a pocket full of batteries with me. Improved battery life is a must, not just for photographers, but for videographers who love to shoot 4K. Give us a battery that competes with the cell that Sony uses and we will be happy campers.

Give the X-T4 a Better Grip

There is no denying that the X-T3 is just a gorgeous camera to look at. The retro styling, and the placement of the dials and controls were pretty much perfect. But holding it for long periods left a lot to be desired. The problem with the ergonomics is with the grip…well, the lack of one.

For those with large hands who use this camera during long gigs, the lack of a deep grip becomes a problem quickly. The camera can be uncomfortable to hold. At times, it felt like you could get no purchase on the camera, and would feel awkward without a grip extension. Please, Fujifilm, give us a deeper grip. It took Sony four generations to get it right on the A7R series, and we’re hoping you are paying attention. A bigger grip would make many happy, not to mention it will allow more space for the bigger battery we discussed above.

It’s Time for IBIS


To date, there has been one Fujifilm camera with IBIS, and that was the X-H1. The X-H1 was released just before the X-T3 and was supposed to be Fujifilm’s flagship camera. However, the X-T3 arrived with a better sensor and better video options, but lacked IBIS.

There has been no word from Fujifilm regarding an X-H1 successor, so it’s easy to speculate that the X-H series has been discontinued. We hope this isn’t the case, but if it is, we pray Fujifilm includes IBIS in the X-T4. We would even be okay with Fujifilm re-using the same X-Trans image sensor found in the X-T3, the X-Pro 3, and the X-T30 if it has stabilization. IBIS has been a game-changer for many photographers, so it would be silly for Fujifilm to continue ignoring it.

Is it Too Much to Ask for a Full Flippy Screen?


If Fujifilm wants the X-T4 to be the one APS-C camera to rule them all, not only will they implement the above suggestions, but they will give us the fully articulating screen we have been crying out for. A full flippy screen will make the camera easier to use for video, and also make the camera easy to use for photographers as well. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but once you hit a certain age, the check-knee lights repeatedly flash on our internal dashboards when we have to get low to the ground. Being able to use an articulating screen to help frame shots from any position would be a Godsend.

More Incremental Improvements Will Be Welcome Too


What else would we like to see, apart from the significant talking points above? Fujifilm, keep on tweaking and working on the autofocus performance and tracking. You have come so far, but there’s still a way to go to catch Sony. A bump in EVF resolution would be welcome, and so would an increase in resolution on the back LCD. Keep on making those great film simulations too. The simulations are one feature that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. The more you can capitalize on your great heritage, the better. Improved weather sealing, perhaps a CF Express card slot, and some higher burst rates will keep the X-T4 on the APS-C throne.

We’re pretty excited about the next camera in the X-T series from Fujifilm. Whether or not we will see the successor to the X-T3 this year remains to be seen, but either way, it’s exciting to think about the ways Fujifilm may innovate. What do you want to see in the X-T4? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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