Discover the World Like Never Before Through This Drone Photo Book

Looking for the next inspiring volume to add to your photo book collection? You might want to check out this aerial ode to the world shot using drones.

We’ve featured a lot of impressive aerial photography and drone photography over the years, not only to commend the outstanding photographers but to also portray the unique perspectives the genre brings. This time, we focus the spotlight on a book of drone photos that makes for a beautiful reintroduction to Mexico City and the rest of the world. Currently being funded on Kickstarter, The Other View promises to be an exercise in photography and design set to convey interesting perspectives typically inaccessible to us.

The Other View, a project and now photo book by Mexican graphic designer and photographer Roberto Hernández Guerrero, is set to feature over a hundred aerial photographs of his hometown, Mexico City, and other fascinating locations across the globe. The collection will include “one-off moments such as the beginning of a storm; buildings and natural landscapes that, from the air, play with geometry; and controversial moments such as the celebration of a bullfight after the earthquake of September 19th in Mexico City.”

The project was born six years ago when Roberto was inspired by Blue Sky Days, an aerial photography series by Belgian photographer Tomas van Houtryve. After attending the talk by Houtryve, he began including drone photography in his creative endeavors, alongside design and the photography he was already doing. His passion for drone photography and the unique perspective it brings culminates in this coffee table book. On a personal level, he considers this publication a “personal challenge to put aside digital vanity and materialize the things I truly believe in.”

Technical specifications:

  • Print run: 500 copies
  • 200 pages, 150 gr couché
  • Printing: Offset CMYK set + 1 special ink
  • Size: 19.5 x 25 cm
  • Aspect: hardcover, hot stamping on fabric and 2 color screen serigraph
  • Poster included: 39 x 50 cm
  • Publication date: May 2020
  • International shipments by FedEx

Does it sound like a project you want to support, and a photo book you want to add to your shelf? Head to the Kickstarter page for The Other View to find out more about it and make your pledge.


Photos from the Kickstarter campaign by Roberto Hernández Guerrero