7 Perfect Examples of Inspiring Wedding Photography

We love good wedding photography. A wedding is a happy time to be alive, and here are some fresh photographers doing great work on the big day!

Weddings are one of the most stressful gigs a photographer can take. High emotions and interfering families make shooting a wedding an interesting time, to say the least. That’s why it takes a level of skill – and temperament – to ensure you deliver the client something they can cherish forever. It can take years to reach a standard where you can charge thousands of dollars for the gig. But rather than focusing on experienced photographers, we want to show you the freshest of wedding photographers we’re digging right now.

1. @lincolnpictures

Sara Lincoln is based in the south of England. Her creative spark was there early on, however it came in the form of being an aspiring actress. Thankfully, Sara saw the light and picked up a camera to capture it. Her wedding photography has garnered plenty of success, and her list of clients keeps growing. We can see why too. It’s likely the actress in her, but Sara has a great sense of emotion, and she’s able to translate that into the images she makes. We like her ability to break the rules, and go for a nontraditional wedding aesthetic that remains impactful.

2. @luke_j_bel

Luke Bell has recently been recognized as a “New Talent of 2019” by Bodaf Europe. He cut his photography teeth in New Zealand, but it wasn’t until landing in the UK that he sank himself into wedding photography. Luke’s style is all about action and pace. He’s clearly not the “stand there and smile” kind of shooter. Instead, he becomes immersed in the action and records the perfect moments that depict the joy and intensity of his clients’ wedding.

3. @randikreckman

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How we feel about this morning 👏🏻 the stoke level is super high because WE JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE! Ahhhh I really never saw myself as a homeowner since I’m a bit of a wanderer but with the way things played out here in Hawaii it just made sense to spend the next few years here in our own home! We got our keys this morning and now we’ll be spending the weekend moving (the fun part right? 😅). Check out my stories for a few photos! . . . . . #scottishhighlands #intimatewedding #elope #adventurouselopement #adventurewedding #destinationweddingireland #dirtybootsandmessyhair #europeanweddingphotographer #belovedstories #adventurouscouples #irelandwedding #ukweddingphotographer #elopementinspiration #icelandelopementphotographer #scotlandweddingphotographer #scotlandelopement #glencoescotland #muchlove_ig #elopementlove #wanderingweddings

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Randi works in Hawaii. This makes us immensely jealous, but also thrilled because it’s a location built for glorious wedding photography. Make no mistake about it, getting newlyweds to pose while making their authentic love shine through is no easy task. Yet Randi seems to take to it like a duck to water, as her wedding portraits portray the beautiful bond between two people. She’s also not afraid to go off the beaten path. Her portfolio is full of beautiful wedding photography captured in the depths of nature. We’re big fans of her!

4. @phantienphotography

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Expedition with the wedding gowns has to be a tradition! Do you agree with me? I think It’s so meaningful that your couple can archive something together in that wedding gowns :). Travel to a place that you dream about, finish a whole fantastic day in that nature and finish a short 4 hours Switzerland 🇨🇭 mountain trail like these for example… MUA: @vietcuonghoang . . . #liveauthentically #livetotravel #travelcouple #switzerland #interlaken #switzerlandwedding #switzerlandweddingphotographer #switzerlandphotographer #zurichwedding #zurichweddingphotographer #bachalpsee #grindelwald #exploreswitzerland #parisweddingphotographer #europeweddingphotographer #interlakenphotographer #brideandgroom #photobugcommunity #yourockphotographers #parisweddingphotographer #switzerlandmountains #interlaken

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Tien has been shooting weddings full time for two years. That’s not very long, and yet he has amounted a portfolio rivaling seasoned pros. His playing field is in Paris, however he’s not one to turn his nose up to locations far and wide. And he has been able to build his evident enthusiasm for travel into his work. Large locations with a big feel are the leading character in his wedding photography. Although, no matter how large the space is that he shoots in, Tien still keeps the intimacy of the couple the main focus of his work.

5. @fotomagoria_com

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All the prayers for Venice. My the most beloved city is sinking 🤞🛶🙏🙏🙏🙏 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#venice #cinqueterrewedding #florencephotographer #apuliaphotographer #amalfiwedding #weddingitaly #venicephotographer #lakecomophotographer #pugliaphotographer #dolomitesphotographer #tuscanyphotographer#gardaphotographer #tuscanyweddingphotographer #amalfiwedding #pugliawedding #venicephotographer #florenceweddingphotographer #venicewedding #dolomitesphotographer#tuscanywedding #florencewedding #positanophotographer #gardaweddingphotographer #dolomitesweddingphotographer #romephotographer #veniceweddingphotographer #sicilyweddingphotographer #cinqueterrephotographer #positanoweddingphotographer

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Her birth name is Magdalena Glowack, but she’s better is known for her brand, Fotomagoria. Magdalena is Italian, which means she knows all about passion, ecstasy, love, and unity. We could describe Magdalen’s work as conceptual wedding photography; she’s not afraid of dressing up her subjects, building a bold scene, or shooting in random locations. Probably the best of part of Magdalen’s wedding photography is how she feels about her job. In her words, “Being a wedding photographer makes me feel happy and lucky. I couldn’t imagine any better occupation.”

6. @phoebejanephoto

We’ve featured the personal work of Phoebe Jane Barrett on the site in the past. It’s no surprise to us that her approach to photography is also transferred to the manner in which she shoots wedding photography. An expert in light, Phoebe creates warm and dramatic frames that build a story. Most importantly, the tenderness synonymous with two people deeply in love is ever-present in Phoebe’s work.

7. @jr.oliveiraphotography

Who better to take photos of couples on their wedding day than a couple deeply in love? This tag-team, that goes by the name JR. Oliveira Photography, are doing wedding photography in Brazil. There’s something about their body of work that’s a little bit different to the rest of the pack. It’s not the clean-cut style you would usually associate with wedding photography. For us – and their long list of clients – that’s a great thing. Slightly edgy, with a splash of urban, the work of this duo is the perfect option for those who want to go against the grain on their big day.

You Have to Respect Wedding Photography

The art of wedding photography should be deeply respected. Now, more than ever, it’s challenging to tell the perfect story; wedding photographers compete with drunk attendees who think their smartphones are the best tool for the job. They’re obviously not, so the fact these fantastic workers are producing the work they are in such challenging times is inspiring. If you like their work, show some support and give them a follow. And if it’s your turn to put a ring on it, then get in touch with them and make a booking – you won’t be disappointed.

Lead image by Carsten Schertzer. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

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