The New ILFORD ORTHO Plus ISO 80 Comes in Both 35mm and 120

Ilford has been very quiet, but today we’re being treated to the new ILFORD ORTHO Plus film.

Landscape photographers will perhaps be the most interested in the brand new ILFORD ORTHO Plus film being announced today. Ilford has been teasing on Twitter for a while that something new is coming. Today, they’re releasing the details on their brand new film. When landscape photographers load ILFORD ORTHO Plus into their cameras, they’re going to be treated to something absolutely special. According to Ilford, this film is going to render the scenes in a special way to due its design and the new acetate base. But in addition to that, Ilford is announcing a few other products.


Ilford is launching a new RC paper called ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC DELUXE. This is the company’s 5th generation MULTIGRADE RC product that is being updated 25th years after the last version was released. It’s been in development for approximately eight years. According to Ilford, it has a slightly warmer base tint than MGRC IV, as well as better blacks, better spacing through the grades, and better toning qualities. Some sizes will be available immediately with other adding to the range at a later date.

Ilford ORTHO PLUS Film (The red ones)

The new ILFORD ORTHO Plus film will be available in 135 and 120 formats. It is an existing emulsion in sheet film but this has previously only been used as a copy film. Ilford is now coating it onto an acetate base and launching it in 35mm and 120. According to our Ilford reps:


“It is ISO 80 (or 40 in tungsten light) and is a fine grain, nice and sharp B&W film. Ortho films are blue / green sensitive but not red so it can be developed in dark red safelight. It also means it renders reds / oranges dark so can produce some nice effects. Works really well for landscapes in particular.”

They’ll be taking orders from our dealers / distributors immediately upon release of the news, and stock will be available early November.

ILFORD & Paterson Processing Starter Kit (The black and white one)

Ilford created this in collaboration with Paterson. It contains their Simplicity Film chem sachets as well as everything you need to process your first couple of rolls of film – 1 x 2 reel development tank, 2 x spirals, 3 x 600ml measuring cylinders, thermometer, stirrer, 2 x film clips, ILFORD cassette opener, and Simplicity chemicals including a developer, stop, fix, and wetting agent. The only other thing people need is a dark room / changing bag. Again, stock for this will be early November.

Reusable Camera (Already Available)

Ilford recently launched a HARMAN reusable camera that comes packaged with 2 Kentmere 400 films. It’s an effort to make it as easy, convenient to get people trying film photography. The camera is available to order now but they’re expect stock to sell out in the next few weeks and it will then be later in the year before we get the next batch.

Sample images by Matt Parry. Used with permission.