New Shimoda Action X Series: Packed with Features for Content Creators

Content creators who are always on the go from one epic adventure to the next may find a reliable companion in the new Shimoda Action X camera bags.

A couple of years after Shimoda introduced the Explore adventure photography backpacks, the company is back with a freshly launched collection on Kickstarter. The Action X series prides itself on being an ultra-aggressive line of camera bags and accessories especially geared towards content creators and adventure photographers, with a focus on action sports. If you often find yourself in the most challenging locations and unforgiving terrains, this new collection may have just what you need.

The Shimoda Action X Camera Bag Collection is comprised of three feature-packed models. The Action X30 and the X50 were designed for action and adventure photographers who often find themselves in physically challenging terrains and locations. The large side panel allows for quick access to their gear, but they can also use the main rear-panel opening if they’re not in a hurry to set up. The volume-adjustable roll-top allows for expanding the volume of the pack to 37 liters and 57 liters respectively. Meanwhile, the Action X70 pack is the best partner for multi-disciplinary content creators and cinematographers who require more space for their gear. Each side also has a roomy, expandable, zipper-sealed pocket that can easily fit tripods, water bottles, gimbals, and other gear.

All the Action X Series camera backpacks also come with the following features:

  • Adjustable torso-height
  • Expandable Roll-Top with 7L of extra storage
  • 15-inch laptop sleeve
  • Removable/Swappable Harness Straps compatible with the Women’s Strap Collection as well as “Extra Cushion” Plus Straps
  • Two tripod or water bottle pockets
  • Large side-access opening
  • Removable waist belt
  • TPU ski straps
  • Removable helmet holder
  • Padded, shoulder strap mounted phone pocket
  • Shoulder strap mounted water bottle or accessory pocket
  • Numerous accessory attachment points and straps
  • Two heavy-duty carry handles
  • Weatherproof YKK SplashGuard zippers
  • Available in Black or Army Green

At the heart of these new Shimoda backpacks are the updated Core Units. The new Mirrorless Medium Core Unit v2 pairs with the Action X30, and easily accommodates non-gripped Mirrorless and DSLR bodies. The new v2 DSLR Medium and Large Core Units fit the Action X50 and can house gripped DSLR and Mirrorless bodies, making them ideal for compact video setups with a cage or those using L-Brackets. The Medium and Large Core Units now have the side-access point integrated, which connects with the side-access panel of either the Action X30 or X50 backpacks. There are also new DV (Digital Video) Core Units in Large an X-Large for larger Cine camera set-ups, or even an extra super-telephoto lens for wildlife and sports photographers.

But wait, there’s more. Shimoda has also included their revamped, doctor bag-style Carry On and DV Rollers in the launch. These are designed to accommodate the DV Core Units for easy transfer from the Action X backpacks. So, if you’re constantly on the go and need something to conveniently and comfortably lug your gear around, this is an option you might want to check out as well.

Think one of the new Action X Camera Bags is the camera backpack for you? Go ahead and check out Shimoda’s Kickstarter campaign for more details and available rewards.