How WANDRD PRVKE Backpacks Are Made in Vietnam

WANDRD gives us a glimpse into the making of their popular PRVKE backpack in their Vietnam factory, through the hands of some of the world’s best bag artisans.

If you enjoy using your PRVKE camera bag, you might be curious about how the popular WANDRD backpacks are made. Understanding that today’s consumers and users are passionate about the provenance of the products they use, the company has shared a quick video from their factory in Vietnam, where all the wonder begins.

“For years we have enjoyed seeing so many of the small steps that it takes to make a bag. This time around we decided to let you have a peek into what happens at the WANDRD factory,” they said on the video description.

The Made in Vietnam video is short but gives us a nice overview of the partnership that WANDRD has built with the bag crafters, as well as all the hard work and detail that goes into each PRVKE bag. “It’s crazy to think this little idea we had in mom and dad’s kitchen has reached so many people — WANDRD is now a tight-knit team of 11 people and we’ve delivered bags to explorers, creators, and individuals in over 100 countries and it all started with the PRVKE,” the company added on their newsletter introducing the video.

The clip is part of WANDRD’s efforts to introduce their PRVKE backpack and its production, but also to talk about their beginnings, passions, brand identity, and brand story. Designed in Utah and made in Vietnam, their camera bags are a testament to their community-oriented outlook, Kickstarter origins, and partner-driven business model.

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