Useful Photography Tip #195: Golf Bags Are a Great Way to Store Light Stands on a Flight

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Photographers traveling on flights often will have trouble with lots of the gear that they’re carrying. Not only do you get thoroughly checked when bringing cameras, lenses and more but light modifiers can also be a pain. Let alone the cost of all that stuff can add up. But for some odd reason, golf bags fly for free (meaning no oversize charge) on most airlines. Golf bags are a great size for storing smaller light stands–which will make your life so much easier. Of course, you still need to check the bag, get it over there, and hope that the folks who work while handling all that stuff don’t break anything.

A few other tips when it comes to packing your gear that I’ve learned in my years of traveling:

  • Pack your camera and lenses neatly so that when you open it up, things inside are easily seen
  • Separate lots of things like microphones, lenses, cleaning accessories, etc.
  • Some airports won’t make you take your camera and lenses out

If you’re a photographer and you travel a lot with your cameras, lenses and all then you probably know and understand how difficult it can be. Even with TSA Pre-check, I’ve had a number of issues. Often what I do is really separate things. For starters, one bag has all my electronics while the other bag has all my clothing. I’m pretty strict about only having carry-ons as I’ve had gear lost for days while traveling abroad. I also tend to overpack just in case of being stranded or anything like that. As far as gear goes though, I wouldn’t put your lights in a golf bag, but your stands and a few other things like a softbox or umbrella will be absolutely fine.

Editor’s Note: This tip was provided to us by American Photographic Artists.

Chris Gampat

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