Review: WANDRD PRVKE 21 Backpack Camera Bag

When WANDRD came out with the PRVKE pack a while back, it immediately became my favorite backpack style camera bag. The WANDRD PRVKE 21 is essentially the same bag, but smaller and thinner in some respects. Designed for the traveling photographer, my PRVKE pack has served me well for more than just traveling. On shoots where I need to bring lights, modifiers, tripods, and other big items that are essential, the bag has been a godsend–far better than any messenger bag that I’ve ever used. But for when I’m not traveling, the PRVKE 21 has served me even better.

Tech Specs






The PRVKE 21 backpack is one that makes a whole lot of sense for many working photographers that have a need for toting around a lot of gear. In fact, the bag is designed to work as both a backpack and a tote.

On the front here what you’ll find is a giant zipper for slipping documents into, and the overall face. You’ll find handles that close via magnets (much better than the previous version), and a clip that keeps the top from unfurling. The top of the bag is one that can roll out to accommodate more gear when needed.


As you can see, the bag is pretty slim. On either side, you’ll see zippered areas. One side allows you to access the gear inside the bag while the other side has room to accommodate a large water bottle. On the side you’ll also spot a zipper to access the back of the bag.


Before you go into the bag, you’ll spot the back shell. It’s comfortable and hides one of my favorite features of this bag: the dedicated passport pocket.


Open the bag up and you’l find the two major sections. The bottom lets you stuff camera gear into it while the top can have loads of other stuff put into it. Right out of the box you’ll find extra straps, zippered cases, and padded straps that can go around the bag to give you extra support when it’s on your back.


The interior of the back shell has a smaller, padded pocket that lets you stuff a laptop in there. Because of the padding on the outside, you’ll have something that won’t hurt your back too.

Build Quality


This bag is weathersealed through and though. WANDRD boasts it as being stylish, but perhaps that’s the biggest flaw. I personally don’t find the exterior of their bags as nice as a great waxed canvas exterior, but they’re still not terrible at all. It gains another point for padding all over that makes working with the bag very comfortable.

One thing you may be a bit cautious about is the lack of padding with the interior dividers. In my experience though, they’ve never proven to be problematic.

Ease of Use


Both of the PRVKE packs offer photographers loads of features that I haven’t even totally utilized. They’re also very customizable and feel great overall when they’re on your back no matter how much gear you’re packing in there.

Of course, if your bag is very packed you’ll want to ensure that it’s off your back when in public transportation.



The WANDRD PRVKE 21 backpack is pretty awesome overall. It deserves the five stars that we’re awarding it and for some photographers, it could be the perfect backpack.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.