The Profoto A1X Replaces the Company’s A1; Comes in Sony TTL

The new Profoto A1X is replacing the Profoto A1 just two years after it was announced.

In my years of being familiar with Profoto’s product lineup, the lifespan of the Profoto A1 has been the shortest in their lineup. It has been replaced by the new Profoto A1X. Notably, there is officially a Sony version; the previous version could work only with Sony cameras via the Air TTL system and not in the camera hot shoe. In addition to the Canon and Nikon variants, the Profoto A1X also seems to share a very similar body. The light boasts bluetooth compatibility with the Profoto Air app for your phone (something only the B10 enjoyed previously). With a range of 300 feet, the Profoto A1X can fire 450 full power flash pops according to Profoto’s claims.

Other big stats about the Profoto A1X include the claim of a 1 second recycle time, Though the press materials we received say nothing about watt seconds and power output, we can assume it is the same as the previous model (75 watt seconds), but we’ll update when we get this info. And as with anything Profoto, we’re not expecting it to be cheap at all; Profoto gear tends to last.

Profoto A1X Features

• Bespoke versions for Sony, Canon, and Nikon
• 20-channels Air Remote
• Round head with soft, smooth, and natural fall off
• AirTTL and HSS for a beautiful professional image fast
• Smart magnetic click-on mount for A1X Light Shaping Tools • 6 dedicated A1X Light Shaping Tools available
• Integrated flicker-free modelling light
• Built-in Air Remote TTL
• Rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion battery
• 1.0s recycling time
• TTL/MAN switch
• Built in motor-zoom with hand control
• Auto focus (AF) assist
• Large Hi-Res display