Master Capture One Pro 12 with This Tutorial for Just $84 (48 Hours Only)

capture one pro 12
If you’ve made the switch to Capture One Pro 12, and now want to master it, this tutorial is for you!

If you’ve grown tired of paying a monthly fee for photo editing software and decided to go with Capture One Pro 12, you’ll absolutely love this tutorial. For a limited time (just 48 hours), you can get this guide for just $84! With this tutorial you will soon be a master when it comes to making your images look their very best in Capture One Pro 12. Capture One Pro 12 is one of the most powerful pieces of photo editing software on the market. The ability to be able to use layer masks, having the ability to make your RAW files sing, being able to seamlessly capture images through tethering, and being able to organize your images all in on package is truly amazing. Capture One Pro 12 is truly like Lightroom and Photoshop rolled into one powerful package. But you have to be able to find your way around the program and learn how to get the most out of it, and that’s where this excellent guide comes into play.

Capture One Pro

Get The Most Out of Your Photos With Capture One Pro 12 by David Glover will teach you everything you need to know about this software. For just $84 you will have access to 48 HD videos that can be viewed anywhere, on any device, at any time. You can also download the videos and watch them offline as well. This course has been designed so that you can follow along at your own pace and easily revisit topics you need a refresher on.

Capture One 12

David Glover is part of the Capture One Pro 12 software team, so he knows the software like the back of his hand. You will be taught everything there is to know about workflow, editing, exporting, and even shooting tethered. By the end of this easy to follow course you’ll be ready to manage and edit photos like a boss in Capture One Pro 12.

Capture One Pro

This tutorial is for brand new and intermediate Capture One Pro 12 users. It is perfect for those who want to figure out a processing workflow, make their RAW files look the best they ever have, and learn how to incorporate tethered shooting into their workflow. You can learn all of these things and so much more for just $84. You’ll have to hurry though; the sale price is only good for 48 hours.

If you’ve made the switch to Capture One Pro 12, or will do in the future, and you want to be able to master everything this amazing piece of software can do, you should jump all over this deal while you can. Remember, it will go back up to its regular price in 48 hours.

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