Here’s a Cheap Way to Make Big Wall Art Prints of Your Photos

What if we tell you there’s a way to make big art prints of your favorite photos without breaking the bank? Will you still put off printing your best snaps?

If you’re yet to get your best photos printed, it’s never too late to get started. We can’t stress enough how important and rewarding it is to see your work in print. A great quality print would not only be the final step in creating great work, but will elevate it into a form that everyone can readily look at and admire. But, if you’re not ready to splurge on fine art prints, Alastair Bird shows us a cheap and handmade way to go big.

Every photographer ideally should have at least one big print of their best work adorning their home or office. If that’s not (yet) possible for you, there’s still a way to get it done. In the short and sweet video above, Alastair shares with us how he made a big print of one of his medium format film portraits with just some sheets of regular paper, a laser printer, a sturdy surface, and wheat paste. It’s really easy to do, and you can make it at home or in your studio.

First, you’ll need to get the photo (or photos) that you want to print enlarged and rendered into multiple pages using The Rasterbator web application. Yes, it’s really called that; we kid you not. What it does is let you enlarge your photos as is, or apply different effects and colors. Once you’re happy with your edit, you get to download a PDF file with all the necessary pages required. Print with a laser printer for the best quality possible. Once the pages of your art print are ready, it’s time to assemble them. You can paste them on a sturdy cardboard, or like Alastair has done with his, on plywood. You won’t need a special glue for this; all you need is to make some glue with flour and water. Brush glue on the back and front of the pages, let dry, then you’re all set! You have a simple, handmade art print that will adorn your wall nicely.

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Screenshot image from the video by Alastair Bird