Cheap Photo: Save an Extra 20% on Stunning Presets, Overlays, Tutorials

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You can get these amazing tutorials, and photography software deals for next to nothing, but you’ll have to act fast.

Have you been wanting to expand your photography knowledge? Do you want to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop in half the time that it takes now? We have found some amazing photography software and tutorials deals for you. Between April 19th and April 24th you can take an extra 20%  off of already ridiculously cheap, yet high quality photography software, and guides. You can get 4,000 Lightroom presets for just $39! You can grab 50 Easter Photo Overlays for only $15, 1850 Photoshop Actions for $29, and the ultimate guide to jump starting your commercial photography business is only $29. Remember you can take an extra 20% off of these prices too! Come on in to see all the deals!

These photography software and tutorial deals are really exceptional, and the fact that you can save an extra 20% between April 19th and April 24th makes them even more spectacular. Take advantage of the huge savings and treat yourself to some new photography software that will save you time, or some new tutorials that will help you expand your skill sets. Check out all the deals below.


Lightroom Presets


photography software

These Lightroom preset bundles offer spectacular value for money! You can get bundles here that will give you all the presets you could ever need! Love black and white images? The 100 Black and White Presets bundle is a steal at $12, and the bundle of 4,000 presets will likely be the only preset package you’ll ever need!

100 Black & White Presets To Transform Your Photography $12 (Save $37) + Take off an extra 20%

Lightroom Workflow For Wedding Photographers $15 (Save $84) + Take off an extra 20%

Wedding Magic Lightroom Lab $21 (Save $48) + Take off an extra 20%

4000 Lightroom Presets In One Bundle $39 (Save $241) + Take off an extra 20%


Photoshop Overlays and Actions


photography software

If you’re a fan of getting things done in Photoshop then these bundles are for you. You can get a whopping 1850 Photoshop actions for just $29! They will make your life so much easier in post. Looking for something a little different? The buy one get one bundle that contains sketching and drawing effects is a steal at $24! Check out the other photography software deals below.

50 Easter Photo Overlays In One Convenient Package $15 (Save $35) + Take off an extra 20%

BOGO Offer: 34 Awesome Sketching & Drawing Effects $24 (Save $70) + Take off an extra 20%

12 Artistic Photoshop Scripts + Bonus 50 Premium Actions $24 (Save $104) + Take off an extra 20%

1850 Premium Photoshop Actions Bundle $29 (Save $471) + Take off an extra 20%

Amazing Photoshop Actions To Transform Your Digital Images Into Paintings $29 (Save $121) + Take off an extra 20%

49 Photoshop Retouching Actions To Streamline Your Workflow $49 (Save $551) + Take off an extra 20%

Four Plugins To Take Control Of Photoshop $49 (Save $71) + Take off an extra 20%


Photography Guides and Tutorials


photography software

If you’re looking to learn new skills, or want to master a specific genre these deals are for you. Have an interest in fashion photography? The 3 Fashion Photography Bundle from BREED will teach you everything you need to know to become a fashion photography expert; it’s only $49! Have an interest in learning about off camera flash and lighting techniques? Quavondo’s Guide will illuminate you and it’s only $19! Don’t forget about the extra 20% you can save too!

Black & White Mastery In Adobe Lightroom $15 (Save $5) + Take off an extra 20%

Quavondo’s Dramatic Lighting Techniques $19 (Save $5) + Take off an extra 20%

12 Videos For Creating Stunning Fine Art Nude Photography $19.50 (Save $77.50) + Take off an extra 20%

Jump-Start Your Commercial Photography Business $29 (Save $30) + Take off an extra 20%

3 Fashion Photography Deals In One Convenient Bundle $49 (Save $308) + Take off an extra 20%

The Perfect Shot Bundle For Wedding Photography $49 (Save $351) + Take off an extra 20%

Headshot Photography 101 $59 (Save $70) + Take off an extra 20%