Shooting Creative Night Fashion Photography with Rear Curtain Sync Flash

In case you’re looking for fun ways to play with rear curtain sync flash mode for your next fashion photography project, this video could give you some ideas.

Thinking of upping your flash game with some creative night photography? Night fashion portraits is certainly one of the fun projects you can do with flash. If you need some ideas, you might want to check out this quick video showing how to achieve cool creative effects using rear curtain sync flash!

If you’re yet to try shooting with flash for night portraits, this behind-the-scenes video by London-based photographer Michal Jeck shows you the creative effects you can achieve with it. By using the rear curtain sync mode with his flash, he was able to get some cool looks for his night fashion portraits. Watch and learn!

Well, first things first. If you’re still learning the ropes of flash photography, you might still be unfamiliar with the rear curtain sync mode (or second curtain sync, as it’s also called). In essence, as Jeck mentioned in his video, the flash fires just before the rear or second curtain closes when you select this flash mode. This mode creates some pretty interesting motion shots, and also some cool long exposure effects as we saw in the video. The results are pretty edgy and interesting with all the motion blur in the background, especially since there’s a lot of light and colors where he shot.

Maybe this video would demonstrate the effect of rear curtain sync better if Jeck also did some actual motion shots with her model. Well, if you’re curious about how that looks, this tutorial video demonstrating this flash mode with a dancer should do the trick for you. It’s slightly more technical with a studio setup, but it’s still worth learning about in case you decide to experiment later in the studio.

In any case, do check out Michal Jeck’s YouTube channel if you want to see more of his photography videos.