Icebergs Double as Floating Castles in Tom Hegen’s Moody Series

All images by Tom Hegen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking to get inspired by yet another unique photography project? Trust Munich-based photographer Tom Hegen to deliver some of the most fascinating aerial photography projects. He has so far taken us to some of the most extraordinary locations to show us landscapes in ways we’ve never seen before. We’ve seen him transform even the most banal places into abstract works of art. Today, we look at another fine example in The Iceberg Series which he photographed during an expedition flight on the west coast of Greenland.

Greenland and much of the Arctic region has long been a dream location for landscape photographers and it’s easy to see why from the previous works we’ve showcased. The icebergs in particular have been especially popular for the surreal effect it creates against the still, dark waters. Add some fog and you’ve got a picture-perfect vista for the taking.

Hegen, however, decided to take things up a notch and capture everything from above, as he has always done impressively. In the process, he encourages us to imagine the lone structures as something else. “Icebergs, breaking through the fog like giant white castles,” he himself explains in his project description.

The icebergs do stand out in the minimalist photos, especially with the color scheme created by the scenes themselves. He also reminds us of the scale of this majestic structures with a clever clue hidden among the bits of ice floating around. “Can you spot the boat on the left side on the fourth photo? It will give you a better sense of scale,” he says.

Hegen’s work in the Arctic doesn’t stop here. For starters, we suggest checking out his Two Degree Celsius Series for yet another abstract-styled series aimed at opening our eyes to what we could possibly lose to climate change.

Don’t forget to visit Tom Hegen’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his abstract landscape masterpieces.