Ludwig Favre Brings out Details in “Architectural Swimming Pool”

All images by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re a photographer training your eye to get sharp on architectural elements and structures, you’ll do well to study our featured series. We have yet another impressive work from Paris-based fine art photographer Ludwig Favre, this time showing a fine example of how even the most humdrum of settings become eye-catching with enough attention to detail.

Mundane as it may first seem to most, swimming pools can actually make interesting locations for a shoot or even as the subject matter themselves. We’ve previously seen this in the creative projects of Maria Svarbova and Elena Iv-skaya. Another case in point is Favre’s Architectural Swimming Pool series, which, as the title suggests, looks at the simple beauty of a swimming pool from an architectural perspective.

One of the things you immediately notice about this series is the clean, pastel, somewhat airy look that also adds to the minimalist style it comes with. Next, we see the different areas and structures of the pool premises utilized to bring a clear emphasis on the lines, patterns, and shapes that lead the eye around the frame. Then, it all comes together to encourage us to appreciate the location for all the architectural thought that came into designing and building it.

In case you’re curious, Favre has also shot a number of other impressive projects, including some nostalgic street snaps of Chicago and a dreamy series he shot during an early morning stroll in New York City. But, if you were particularly taken with the clean visual style of Architectural Swimming Pool, you might also want to check out his airy snaps of Lisbon.

Meanwhile, go to Ludwig Favre’s website, Instagram, and Behance portfolio to see more and stay updated on his work.