Ludwig Favre Captures the Glow of New York Chinatown Just Before Dawn

All images by Ludwig Favre. Used with permission.

If you’re not an early riser, the dreamy images you’re about to see will give you an idea on what you’re missing out. During an early morning stroll in New York City, Paris-based fine art photographer and Lumix Ambassador Ludwig Favre captured a mesmerizing side of Chinatown, showing how it transforms with a bit of rain just before the dawn breaks.

Chinatowns around the world are known to be havens for street and travel photographers so it’s not surprising why Favre found the Big Apple’s very own to be an inspiring spot to shoot. On his last day in New York, he decided to go out very early in the morning for some coffee. With his Lumix G9 in hand, he let himself “be carried away by the colors of the lights that reflected the rain.”

Braving the weather, this collection titled Chinatown, New York, Rainy Day sees him train his lens to capture the city’s Chinatown in an uncharacteristically still mood. Shot in the early morning with the streets empty of traffic, lights from street lamps and shop signs are given the space to bleed into the wet tarmac, casting a warm glow over the pavements.

We’ve seen a lot of vibrant Chinatown photos here and there, but what Favre captured is definitely one that stands out from most. The combination of the colorful neon lights bleeding onto the rain-soaked streets and the impending glow of sunrise has produced one of the dreamiest and most unique images of the famous neighborhood.

Hitting the streets, whether it’s your city’s Chinatown is just one thing, but doing so at such a magical time is simply one for the books.

Head to Ludwig Favre’s website, Instagram and Behance portfolio to see more of his outstanding photography.