Review: Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter (Fujifilm)

The Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter is proof of Godox’s drive to change the market.

When the Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter was announced and finally on the market, I strongly believe that serious Fujifilm camera users must have jumped for joy everywhere. Finally, you could use flashes for other camera systems with your camera and still be able to get full TTL and other parameters. In this case, you can do it all with Godox’s own system. If you’ve got flashes for Sony, you can control them with this transmitter. I’ve tested this with Nikon before, and when I did I wasn’t able to get TTL due to firmware updates being only compatible with PCs. But now that I own a PC (and a Mac) and I purchased the Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter for Fujifilm, I was able to use the same flash with two different system seamlessly.

Pros and Cons


  • Good build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Firmware update is fairly straight forward when you look at video online on how to do it
  • Not at all overwhelming if you’re used to using commanders


  • Firmware to give it cross brand TTL can only really be done if the flash’s firmware can be updated. And at the moment of publishing this review, if you’re on a Mac computer, then you’re out of luck.

Gear Used

The Godox Xpro-F was used with a Fujifilm X Pro 1 and the Godox ThinkLite for Sony

Tech Specs

Tech specs for the Godox Xpro-F TTL can be found with ease on the manufacturer’s website


Taken from our Godox Xpro-N review

The Godox Xpro-N TTL is a trigger designed for Nikon DSLRs. And it’s a pretty big one vs many competitors. When you look at it from the front, what you’ll see is this giant LCD screen. There are buttons on the side and on the bottom. then there are other buttons on the bottom and a control wheel. These are how you change the settings on the Godox Xpro-N TTL.

On the side of the Godox Xpro-N TTL there are two switches for groups and on/off. That’s really all that there is to this.

Build Quality

During my testing, I was able to use the Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter out in the rain. However, I probably wouldn’t do this for a really long amount of time. It doesn’t show any sort of weather sealing on the unit. It’s overall feel is pretty solid–but the unit is also very large. This is due to the large screen and number of buttons that can be used to control various parameters on the transmitter.

Ease of Use

Indeed, I was able to get full TTL, HSS to a certain point with effectiveness, and manual controls. There really isn’t a lot to complain about here. I used it just like I would pretty much any other flash. If anything, the limitation was Fujifilm’s ability to only go down to ISO 200 on the X Pro 1 and other APS-C cameras of theirs. For the photographer that owns two different camera systems, the Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter has surely proven itself to me as a transmitter to own with Godox’s own flashes.

To do even further testing, I tried the Godox XProF Wireless Flash Transmitter with Adorama’s Flashpoint series of hot shoe flashes and the same control was available. Crazy, right? I guess that’s what happens when you’re able to simply rebrand a transmitter and flash for your own company.


This is a short review partially because I’ve previously tested this transmitter with the Nikon system. Now that I have it to use for Fujifilm with flashes designed for Sony, I can use the Godox system of flashes with with almost any camera system just by buying a new transmitter. This is what photographers have wanted for years now, and Godox is giving that to us. TTL is little more than understanding what the ISO is and the aperture is to figure out how powerful the flash output should be. It should have been an international standard years ago.

Thank you Godox!

The Godox XProF earns a well deserved five out of five stars.