Elena Iv-skaya Shows Stunning Retro-Styled Swimmers for “Dreamer Pool”

All images by Elena Iv-skaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There are some who say that today’s generation of creatives have this strange nostalgia for an era they never experienced. Instagram, for one, is partly responsible for the retro aesthetic we often see slapped on social media today. However, I totally understand the fascination of stylists, photographers, and designers for vintage elements and retro styling. The fashion editorials and portrait sets such as Elena Iv-skaya’s DREAMER POOL clearly shows why this trend has been catching eyes and turning heads.

Reminiscent of the beautiful swimwear styles that have graced the covers of Vogue beginning in the 1930s, Elena’s fashion portraits pay homage to an era where swimwear was being popularized as sexy and glam. While the style of the period was still considerably simpler and more conservative compared to that of more recent times, the elegance in its form make it a staple of the vintage fashion emulated today. Elena’s attention to detail is impeccable in this set, making sure that her set is faithful to the era by including accessories such as matching swimming caps and retro sunglasses.

The color play in DREAMER POOL is also strong, so if you’re into vibrant colors, each photo will definitely catch your eyes. The reds pop, the blues are cool, and the muted greens complement the pastels and sun-kissed skin tones. I love how Elena also made the most out of the dreamy sunlight during her shoot. The composition and poses also emulate the simple elegance of fashion magazine covers for summers of decades past.

DREAMER POOL is a fantastic example of aesthetic elements from the yester-decades that I really believe won’t go out of style, especially in the fashion world. Given Elena’s excellent retro rendition, I think many will be inspired to follow her lead and take a stab at fashion portraits in this timeless style.

Check out Elena Iv-skaya’s Behance portfolio to see more of DREAMER POOL and browse through her other equally stunning sets.