Ludwig Favre Reveals the Beauty of Chicago in a Nostalgic Series

All photos by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.

While looking at a city objectively has its merits, sometimes an artistic perspective also proves effective in creating its poignant portrait. Paris-based fine art photographer and Lumix Ambassador Ludwig Favre has given us a fine example in the past with his glowing portrait of New York Chinatown just before sunrise. Now, he turns his lens and taste for colors in yet another stunning series, this time showcasing Chicago.

Simply titled CHICAGO, Favre shot this this vibrant collection for Panasonic France using the new Lumix S1R Full Frame camera. As he said in his introduction, Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, well known for its bold architecture and skyscrapers that punctuate its skyline. So it’s no wonder that he had his eyes on the famous metropolis and all its charming corners. Or, at least some of them.

As with his Chinatown, New York, Rainy Day series, colors make everything in his chosen city shine brighter. His color scheme of choice also lends a nostalgic mood and almost painterly look to each snap. The glow of the neon signs and the street lights, for example, look far more eye-catching with his choice of hues. Everyday scenes and familiar locations look like works of art just waiting to be seen in a new light.

Take away all the color and things that make Chicago and the vibrant city that it is will still be there. That’s the power of good composition and a great eye for detail. It’s easy to see those factors at play throughout the series as well, especially in the shapes and patterns Favre made sure not to leave out.


Don’t forget to check out Ludwig Favre’s website, Instagram, and Behance portfolio to see more of his outstanding photography.