Here’s Your Chance to Snag a Fujifilm TX-2 (or the Hasselblad XPan II)

Yep, in case you didn’t know, the Fujifilm TX-2 is also known as the Hasselblad XPan II. 

We know it’s not going to help with your GAS, but we’re back with yet another noteworthy find for your camera collection. This time, it’s a rare Fujifilm TX-2 — or the Hasselblad XPan II (if you want to call it that). You can grab a near-mint unit if you’re ready to part with some pretty serious cash.

Hong Kong-based ebay seller breguetcamera has listed a near mint Fujifilm TX-2, an interchangeable lens 35mm panoramic rangefinder camera released in 2003 as a minor revision of the TX-1.  This unit only has slight usage marks and doesn’t have any mechanical issues. It comes with a Fujinon Super-EBC 30mm f5.6 lens without any haze, fungus, or scratches. The listing includes the rear cap, lens hood, external viewfinder, a X30MM ND-3X 58mm center filter, and user manual — all for $6,730.

The Fujifilm TX-2 indeed looks the part of a sleek and elegant addition to every photographer’s camera collection. But what else can it offer? How is it different from the TX-1 (which we also spotted on ebay last year)? First is the absence of the large ISO dial in front, which was moved to the LCD screen at the back. The exposure compensation is not on the power/motor drive dial anymore either, and was also placed on the LCD back. The TX-2 also had a few other features, such as the shutter speed exposure information in the viewfinder, a 2-second self-timer, leader out film rewind, flash sync at the start or end of exposure, and multiple exposure control. It also allows bulb mode for up to nine minutes. The seals were also changed and provided better fogging protection for IR films.

Eager to get this beauty despite the hefty price tag? Make sure you ask around for the actual market value of this item before you get it at the Buy It Now price. Otherwise, there’s always the option to build your own!


Photos from the ebay listing by breguetcamera