This Gorgeous Silver Fujifilm TX-1 Rangefinder is Your Not-So-Secret Hasselblad XPan

By snagging this sleek and modern film rangefinder, you get to own a popular camera born out of a collaboration between Fujifilm and Hasselblad.

It’s time once again for us to indulge your GAS tendencies and grow your collection with another ebay find! Today, we tip you off about an analog beauty that is without a doubt one of the most popular and coveted rangefinder cameras of all time. If you’ve long had the gorgeous Fujifilm TX-1 on your wishlist, now is your chance to grab one if you’re prepared to shell out close to $3,000 for it. If you’ve had your eye on this piece for a while, you most likely know why it’s going for that much!

First, let’s look at some info about this silver Fujifilm TX-1 up for grabs from Japan-based ebay seller irohas. The unit is described as being in good condition with normal signs of use, without any mechanical issues, and the optics clean and without haze, fungus, or scratches. However, it no longer includes a lens cap; a filter and lens hood for the 45mm f4 lens come with it.

For the veteran photographer, ardent analog lover, and rangefinder fan, this camera needs no introduction. The uninitiated and the recent film photographer, however, may be wondering what makes a film camera go for this much. Well, we can say that it’s partly because the interchangeable lens 35mm TX-1 made with a tough titanium body was marketed as a premium camera back in the days, much like the Fujifilm Klasse S/W and Fujifilm Natura S/Classica. However, the TX-1 was also extra special since it’s a true panoramic film camera. Yep, none of those “panorama” masks here! Instead, the panoramic mode switch widens the shutter plane and captures a wider shot, so your 36-exposure film yields approximately 21 shots.

However, what really doubled the price of this camera is the fact that it’s also a not-so-secret Hasselblad camera. Released in 1998, it was born out of a partnership between Fujifilm and Hasselblad, which, according to Japan Camera Hunter, was a rare collaboration since the Swedish camera maker typically teamed up with Zeiss. Here comes the fun fact: if you think it looks very much like the Hasselblad XPan, that’s because it’s one and the same. People soon caught on that they could essentially get an XPan for half the price if they grabbed a TX-1 instead, bloating up its price.

If you’re keen on grabbing this gorgeous Fujifilm TX-1 check out the ebay listing to find out more and buy it now for $2,980.

All images from the ebay listing by irohas