This Gorgeous Silver Fujifilm TX-1 Rangefinder is Your Not-So-Secret Hasselblad XPan

By snagging this sleek and modern film rangefinder, you get to own a popular camera born out of a collaboration between Fujifilm and Hasselblad.

It’s time once again for us to indulge your GAS tendencies and grow your collection with another ebay find! Today, we tip you off about an analog beauty that is without a doubt one of the most popular and coveted rangefinder cameras of all time. If you’ve long had the gorgeous Fujifilm TX-1 on your wishlist, now is your chance to grab one if you’re prepared to shell out close to $3,000 for it. If you’ve had your eye on this piece for a while, you most likely know why it’s going for that much!

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Walter Rothwell’s Panoramic Street Photography


All images by Walter Rothwell. Used with permission.

When we look at street photography, it’s often in squares and proper rectangles that are very common to photography as a format. But how often do you see it in panoramic shapes? Typically, the candid nature of the work doesn’t lend itself well to the slow and precise nature of panoramic images; but Walter Rothwell has managed to combine the two into beautiful works of art.

Photographer Walter Rothwell is one with a very unique photographic vision–literally. You see, his background is in black and white film photography and he’s half blind. Considering the way that he looks at and analyzes scenes, he has learned how to use it to his advantage to capture moments that combine geometry and candid moments.


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