What Do the Markings on Your SD Cards Mean? Let’s Figure This Out.

Those numbers and markings on your SD cards are actually pretty important.

SD cards have really revolutionized the world of photography. Thanks to their small size, and their ever expanding capacities, these little marvels enable us to shoot for hours on end. Once were done shooting they allow us quick, easy access to the hundreds, and sometimes thousands of images that are stored on them without any fuss. However it’s important to know that not all SD cards are created equal. Do you know how to pick the right SD cards for the job at hand?

When you pick up an SD card it will likely find its way into your camera without you even really paying attention to it, but those numbers and symbols on the label all mean something pretty important. With modern cameras having such large image buffers, faster read and write speeds, and higher capacities than ever before, it’s really important to take a few minutes to figure out and understand what all the jargon listed actually means, and whether or not the SD cards you have in your cameras are the right ones for the job.


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A recent post over at The Digital-Picture explains everything you could ever possibly want to know about SD cards. You’ll be able to learn all about specific formats (SDXC, SDHC etc), video speed classes, UHS speed classes (2, 4, 6 10), bus interface speeds, and so much more.

All of that may sound confusing, but don’t panic because the guide explains absolutely everything you need to know in a very clear, concise manner. You may be thinking that you really don’t need to know all of these things, but trust us, you do. Picking the right SD Card for the job is just as important as picking the right lens for the shoot you’re going to be on. These fantastic pieces of plastic can really make, or break your shoot.

Want to make the most of that 241 RAW image, and 362 JPEG buffer on your Sony a9?  Not just any SD card will do. You’re going to need one with a crazy fast write speed that will be able to keep up. Want to shoot 4K video without any problems? You guessed it; you’re going to need a card designed for 4K video capture. Unfortunately, like many things in life, you do get what you pay for when it comes to SD Cards. If you want to make sure you’re going to be able to get the images you need, this is one accessory you really don’t want to cheap out on.

You spend so much money on the latest and greatest camera bodies, but something as simple as the SD card can really put a damper on it’s performance. Don’t let SD cards be the bottle neck that makes you miss your shots. Head on over to The Digital Picture and become better acquainted with this tech. You’ll be pleased that you did.

Graphic used from The Digital Picture with permission.