Lomography Potsdam Kino Is its Latest ISO 100 Black and White Film

The freshly announced Potsdam 100 is the second in the black and white Lomography Kino Films series. Not so long ago, Lomography announced the new Berlin Kino Film, much to the delight of black and white film photographers and lomographers. The company is back with another offering from their Kino Films series; the Potsdam, a 100 ISO 35mm monochrome emulsion. Branded as a “poetic cine film.” The Potsdam Kino Film is born out of the same inspiration as the earlier released Berlin: the New German Cinema that took Europe by storm in the 1960s. According to Lomography, this emulsion was also taken from the rolls of cine film produced by a “legendary German company that has been changing the face of cinema since the early 1900s.”

With a film speed of ISO 100 and yield of 36 exposures, the Potsdam Kino Film is perfect for sunny days, as well as any scene that needs attention to detail, fine grain, and subtle contrast. Just take a look at the sample photos below to get an idea on how “poetic” its photos can be. Considering that this is a cinema film of sorts, it makes a whole lot of sense to shoot with it in a studio and with constant lighting. Because of this, you’ll get an added cinematic effect.  Like the Berlin Kino Film, you’re also getting a wide dynamic latitude with the Potsdam Kino Film. This means you’re free to experiment with self-developing, if that’s your thing. Lomography has put together a Potsdam Kino B&W Cookbook to help you get the most out of this new emulsion, from shooting to developing, and printing. Eager to get your hands on this new film? It’s currently on pre-order at the Lomography Shop as a bundle of five rolls priced at $39.50. Delivery is estimated for April or May 2019, so go ahead and secure your rolls now to make sure you get them on time.