If There Really is a Sony 60MP Full Frame Sensor with 16 Bit Depth Color, It’s Going to Change So Much

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A full frame sensor from Sony at 60MP and 16 color bit depth would be incredible for the industry.

With the web, monitors, Apple, and Google all looking to catch up to the photography world in some way or another (and doing a good job) it’s nice to know there’s a slight possibility that a Sony 60MP 16-Bit sensor could exist. As it is, things like monitor calibration are almost totally consistent across newer monitors and platforms. In addition to that, lots of monitors claim to be able to deliver most of the Adobe RGB and SRGB color spectrums. But if a Sony 60MP 16-Bit sensor is as real as Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting on, then that would mean the entire tech industry would need to find a way to catch up to support that type of color possibility.

This is the Sony and the photo industry that I’ve been begging to see for years. I think we got a glimpse of it at Photokina this year when the L Mount coalition formed to try to do bigger and better things. But then Fujifilm came out and gave us the world’s first image stabilized, 100MP Medium format sensor. If that sensor is an X Trans sensor, then things could be even bigger and better. A 16 bit color depth sensor would allow for sooooooo many different possibilities when it comes to editing (possibilities that you’ll probably need to give your eyes a break from when editing your photos).

So how could this be applied to real life?

  • It would mean that you can make specific things in your landscape photos pop more through editing the HSL levels
  • With good shooting techniques, you could probably help make someone’s skin stand out much more from warm clothing by not only using effective white balancing techniques but also editing in the HSL levels
  • When converting the images to black and white, even more subtle tonalities will be available
  • Digital has always had odd features in comparison to film; greens and reds in particular. But this could mean digital would have the potential to supercede film in this way.

This is one report that I genuinely hope is real.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.