The Escura Instant 60s Is a Retro-Looking, Hand-Powered Instant Camera

The Escura Instant 60s could be interesting for those who have a penchant for nostalgic designs and instant photography.

Heads up instant photography fans! Hong Kong-based brand CARBON has developed a new instant camera that may tickle your fancy for nostalgia and novelty. Called Escura Instant 60s, this latest creation is a fully manual and fully hand-powered camera with a noticeably retro-inspired design.

With Instant cameras all the rage now, especially Instax cameras and those that take Instax Mini films, it’s not at all surprising to find more of them popping up here and there. The Escura Instant 60s is the latest of these, currently being funded on Kickstarter. As with most instant cameras, it promises to bring the magic of analog photography as a form of respite from the “digital norms.” However, it does so by stripping the photography experience to its most basic; manual aperture setting, manual focusing, and manually feeding out each print (just like the Holga Printer).


Design-wise, the Escura Instant 60s was based off the vintage look from the 1960s. According to CARBON, this period was notable for merging technological innovations with aesthetic design and culture, which in turn inspired them to do the same for their latest creation.

This eye-catching camera works pretty much the same as your usual Instax Mini camera, only with manual controls. Load your Instax Mini cartridge in it, set the aperture, and take your shot. You can either feed out the film using the crank on the side, or take another shot for double or multiple exposure. You can also do other long exposures using a tripod and the Bulb shutter for night photography or light painting.

CARBON also made a vintage style external flash to match the Escura Instant 60s, which comes with a diffuser and color gels. However, to attach it to the camera for easier handling, you’ll need the optional flash bar.

Here are the technical specifications of the Escura Instant 60s:

• Film: FUJIFILM Instant Film “Instax MINI” (Purchased separately)

• Picture Size: 46mm x 62mm

• Lens: Fiber lens, f=60mm, 1:8

• Aperture: f8 / f11

• Focusing: Manual Focusing (0.8m and beyond)

• Shutter release: ~1/100sec and bulb shutter with spring-shutter release cable

• Multi-Exposure: Yes

• Film Feeding Out: Manual (Hand Power)

• Film Developing Time: Approximately 90 seconds (Varies depending on the ambient temperature)

• Flash: External (Flash sold separately), Synchronize with a shutter release

• Power Supply: Hand-power (No battery required)

• Others: Film pack confirmation window, tripod socket (Tripod sold separately)

• Dimension: 90mm x 128mm x 83mm

• Weight: 350g (without strap and film pack)

And here are some sample photos:

Want to know more about this retro hand-powered instant camera? Head to the Escura’s Kickstarter campaign to learn more and get it at a Super Early Bird price with a $48 pledge.

Images via CARBON and Escura Instant 60s on Kickstarter