Report: What We’re Expecting from Photokina 2018

Photokina 2018 is upon us and we’re rounding up some of our biggest predictions.

Photokina 2018 starts tomorrow, and here are some of our predictions for the show.

Canon Is Done for the Year

We don’t predict Canon announcing anything else for the year. They’re one of the slowest companies out there when it comes to announcements and so we expect them to ride on the EOS R and the fantastic lenses they’ve already announced. We don’t expect any more announcements from them until next year ,perhaps around CES or sometime after the holidays.

The other wild card could be a new DSLR around Photo Plus.

Nikon Will Continue Pushing Their Z Series Lineup Forward

Nikon clearly has enough work cut out for them when it comes to the Z series of cameras. They need autofocus improvements for sure, and if anything we could probably expect a new DSLR of some sort around Photo Plus. Personally, I’d love to see a new version of the Nikon Df.

Maybe a Sony 135mm FE Lens

The Sony 135mm f1.8 A mount does a great job.

We were expecting a Sony 135mm f1.8 FE lens earlier this month, but it never came. It would have made so much sense in their lineup and would’ve completed the options for portrait photographers out there. Maybe we’ll see it at Photokina?

We’re Due for the Sony a7s III

The last variant in the Sony a7 lineup has yet to receive a refresh. We’re expecting a megapixel bump, better high ISO output, and extra innovations that really set this camera apart from the rest. When the Sony a7s was launched, it made everyone drool with its capabilities that have been widely copied across the industry.

Fujifilm Will Expand Their Medium Format GFX Lineup

Last Photokina, Fujifilm announced the GFX medium format camera system. It’s time for a new variant and/or an evolution of it. I really want a medium format X Trans sensor or deeper bits of information when it comes to RAW files.

It’s About Time for a New Fujifilm X100 Camera

The Fujifilm X100F is still a fantastic camera in every way. But the only thing that it needs beyond a slight lens revamp is weather sealing. A statement like this from Fujifilm I genuinely feel would make the rest of the industry wake up when it comes to weather sealing in cameras.

Micro Four Thirds Is Going to Change

With all the whispers of a Panasonic full frame camera system, I think Micro Four Thirds is going to need to evolve. We’re not expecting to hear a lot from Olympus this year but we’re expecting Panasonic to drop some new innovations and make folks drop their jaws like they did last Photokina.

Ricoh: Are We Ever Getting a Full Frame Ricoh GR?

Ricoh, please. A full frame Ricoh GR with weather sealing would outsell any Pentax DSLR and lens set. Pentax as it is has been really quiet too despite having great cameras and lenses.

Zeiss: A Few New FE Lenses

Zeiss has been really quiet this year and has changed strategy to mostly focus on their cinema lineup of products. The problem here though is that every time Zeiss does something awesome, Sony goes and pretty much does the same thing cheaper and sometimes better. So we’re trying to figure out what Zeiss is going to do.

Sigma: Continuing to Be the Lens Innovation Leader

Reports are saying that a lot of new lenses are coming from Sigma this year. We genuinely don’t know what’s going to be announced, but we know that of any lens manufacturer, they’re probably the one doing the most innovation with a number of cool focal lengths and fast apertures.

Tamron: A New Wide Angle Prime Lens with Vibration Control and Weather Sealing

Tamron puts weather sealing and VC into basically every one of their lenses and doesn’t command a premium price point. They’re missing a truly good, weather sealed prime lens with a fast aperture though. And that’s what we’re expecting them to round out the year with.