CineStill Launches ºCs “Temperature Control System” to Simplify at Home Film Development

At home film developers, ready your wallets – CineStill’s newest tool will be available for purchase starting next month.

Experienced film photographers would opt for at home film development since it’s more practical and, in the long run, cheaper than always going to photo labs. However, one of its trickier aspects is keeping the chemistry at a certain temperature throughout the entire process.

To manage this, many photographers have turned to cheaper and more accessible alternatives such as manually regulating the temperature by adding hot or cold water as needed to the container where the developing tank is submerged, or using kitchen appliances such as the sous vide machine.

But – and at the risk of sounding like an infomercial – that’s all a thing of the past now as CineStill launches the new ºCs “Temperature Control System” TCS-1000 (CineStill TCS-1000 Immersion Circulator Thermostat), which can easily be used to mix and heat chemistry and as a temperature control bath both for color and black and white developing.

Check out the main features of this nifty tool below:

  • Intuitive ready-to-use interface does not require additional timers, downloading phone apps, nor connecting to Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Display and firmware preprogrammed to process film with an adjustable two-stage timer for any process (C-41, E-6, B&W, etc.) in Min : Sec
  • Simple toggling between °C/°F readouts
  • Universal bottle holder holds two 1000ml. storage bottles (collapsible accordion style, Wide-Mouth, JOBO, etc.) in a sink, tub, or basin of your preference
  • PTC heating element, brushless DC motor and polypropylene impeller
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Ground protection and temp/water level/overheat protection sensor

CineStill listed down the advantages of the TCS 1000 over kitchen appliances, below:

  • User-adjustable precise temperature control, accurate from 0°C to 95°C (+/-0.1°C), compared to cooking appliances which are only accurate between 45°C to 99°C (film processing ranges between 18°C – 40°C)
  • Display and firmware designed for processing film, starts up ready to process color film with adjustable two-stage timer for any process (C-41, E-6, Df96 monobath, etc.) in Min : Sec
  • Positive thermal coefficient (PTC) heating element heats/cools quickly and is more stable and durable than standard metal heating tubes, which run too hot and rust.
  • High efficiency DC brushless motor offers fast speed, low noise, does not give off heat when processing film at lower temperatures, and has a life cycle over 4,000 working hours, 20-30% longer than most kitchen appliances.

CineStill tells us that the TCS-1000 and accessories ºCs 1000ml Mixing Jug, and °Cs Collapsible Air Reduction and Wide Mouth storage bottles will be available for purchase in the USA and EU in October. But if you’ll happen to be in Germany for the Photokina next week, you can drop by Hall 2.1/Stand D039 to see the TCS-1000 in action.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates on the TCS-1000 by following CineStill on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Via CineStill.