Video: 3 of Our Favorite Film Point and Shoot Cameras

Our favorite film point and shoot cameras are truly for every type of photographer.

Last week on our IGTV channel, we released a video on some of our favorite point and shoot film cameras. And if you’re not following The Phoblographer on IGTV yet, you really should be. This episode started with quite a funny joke – tune in to watch!

Some of our favorite point and shoots though are three cameras that we’ve reviewed:

  • The Hexar AF: With a 35mm f2 lens said to be a copy of a Leica Summicron, this camera also has a pretty silent film advance that folks on the street won’t pay attention to. Best for the advanced photographer although it can also be used by novices that understand how to navigate its interface
  • The Fujifilm Natura S: A fun camera with automatic functionality and a super sharp 24mm f1.9. Fantastic for beginners – some advanced shooter may dislike its lack of manual controls.
  • The Ilford Disposables: I mean, why why the heck not? Folks who scoff at disposable cameras are the only ones who won’t understand this.

There are loads and loads of fantastic cameras out there though, and please do remember that these are just some of our favorites. Your favorites may vary for sure, and we’re not saying these are the best. But in some ways, they possibly could be. Everyone knows that the Contax T2 is great but overpriced for sure. Then there are great cameras made by Nikon, Canon, and a bunch of others. We’re always reviewing new and amazing film photography products as well as older ones. So if you’re into that kind of thing, you should tune in!

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