Holga Digital Has a Limited Hong Kong Skyline Edition on Indiegogo Marketplace

If you find the Holga Digital still an interesting idea, you might want to check out a limited Hong Kong skyline edition now available on Indiegogo Marketplace.

It’s been three years since the Holga Digital was released and fully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but not without some hiccups along the way. For those who are still curious about the camera at the very least, there’s a limited Hong Kong skyline edition that has been made available on the Indiegogo Marketplace.

The Hong Kong skyline edition was initially offered as an exclusive item that can be ordered on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights, as announced on a Kickstarter update posted in August last year. As the name suggests, this limited edition features the iconic Hong Kong skyline as some sort of tribute to the birthplace of the original medium format plastic camera still revered today. The design is done in minimalist style and printed on the back of the camera.

Now, you can grab this limited edition camera for $89 at the Indiegogo Marketplace. Unlike how things went when it was still in the crowdfunding phase, you’re guaranteed to get yours shipped within two weeks.

If you’re only hearing about it for the first time, the Holga Digital was first introduced in a candy-colored version way back in 2015, which promised to bring a modern touch to the retro vibes of the iconic Holga camera. It has two apertures (f2.9 and f8), two frame sizes (4:3 and 1:1), a hotshoe, and ability to mount different lenses though an adaptor. Images are stored on an SD card, and there’s an option to produce the vignettes which the old-school Holga became known for.

Months later, news broke about a lawsuit filed by crowdfunding marketing agency Funded Today against Alex Ng and Dennis Wong of Smartgears Global Limited, for breach of contract and non-payment. The Holga Digital creators responded to this through an update on their Kickstarter campaign. Looks like all is well now for the Holga Digital, as it’s also now available on another online shop.

However, if you’re new to the Holga craze and want to know what makes it so special to have its own digital version, it may be best to experience the real thing first. Fortunately, the Holga came back last year after a 2-year absence following the factory being closed down by Tokina in 2015.

Image via Holga Digital on Indiegogo Marketplace